Holiday Gift Guide & How to Capture Special Moments with Instagram

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You have probably seen your share of gift guides to last you for several years and you might even be tired of the holiday ones, but in reality there are a lot of great items on those lists that you could tuck away for that special someone’s upcoming birthday, anniversary, or graduation. Personally, I love apps and gadgets, but during the holidays I find I tend to put down my smartphone in order to spend more quality time with my loved ones. That’s not to say I don’t love snapping a photo every now and then and posting it to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, especially since my smartphone has a better camera than my bulky digital camera, but it’s simply not a priority for me. For the most part I love how technology can enhance the moments I share with my family without completely taking over and causing me to miss out on the special memories we create together.

U.S. Cellular knows how important technology is to all of us and our families, so they created a helpful holiday gift guide that is catered to everyone on your list, regardless of your budget! Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Gifts Under $25 – Accessories are essential for your smartphone or tablet. A case, shell, skin or travel charger makes a great stocking stuffer. Examples include the Ballistic LS Jewel Gel Skin in purple or grey.
  • Gift Idea Under $50 – Give a U.S. Cellular Bluetooth Headset to the multi-tasker who’s constantly working to do more.
  • Gift under $100 – The Griffin TC Monster Truck is a great gift for the adventurer in your life. They can control the truck with a virtual dashboard or tilt their device to steer it.
  • iPhone 5s or 5c – The new iPhone is one of the hottest tech gifts this shopping season. U.S. Cellular offers iPhone 5s, the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world, and iPhone 5c the most colorful iPhone yet. Use your iPhone to connect with family and friends this holiday season, and every day of the year, by taking photos with the advanced iSight camera system and video chatting via FaceTime.

Some of my personal favorites are the fitness gadgets because they keep track of everything from your mileage to your calories burned and help keep you on track and motivated even during the holiday season when you might be enjoying a few too many sweet treats. I have a personal weakness for desserts, so having a device that tracks my activity would be a great reminder to not overdo it, especially since I’d prefer to not go into the new year with unwanted extra pounds. I also wouldn’t mind having an extra case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 tucked into my Christmas stocking because a girl can never have too many smartphone accessories, right?


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