Helping the Homeless – One Reason I Love Mitscoots Socks

Mitscoots Socks Review

I know it might not seem like the most exciting topic, but can we please talk about socks for a minute (or five)? I love socks! I think they are a fun way to express yourself and show off your personality, which is why I own several pairs, some with stripes and some with polka dots and a whole bunch in between. Years ago when I worked in a medical practice I became a little famous for my socks, which brought many co-workers to my little corner of the office to check out my (under) footwear. I loved brightening their (and my) day with a simple lift of a pant leg. I think like many people I probably took my vast sock collection for granted. When they got a hole in them I either tossed them into a rag bucket or into the *gasp* trash and looked forward to picking out a fun new pair on my next shopping trip, but I admittedly never gave much thought to those who would love to own just one pair of socks even if they weren’t in the best condition.

When I became a semi-serious runner last year I knew there were a few important pieces of gear that would not only be necessary to reduce my risk for injury, but also maintain a little comfort while running mile after mile in all types of weather conditions. Of course I invested in the obvious must-haves like a new pair (or two) of running shoes, shirts made of wicking material, and an interval timer, but the one thing that took me several months to consider was a good pair of socks. Who knew that a pair of socks could make that much of a difference to a runner? Not me, until I invested in my first pair. When I say invested I’m really not kidding because good-quality socks, running or otherwise, are not cheap so it was quite a leap for me to go from spending under $10 for a package of socks to spending more than $10 for one pair. I bought my first pair of running socks last year and while I like them there is nothing really special about them, which is why I haven’t been in a hurry to purchase another pair until I recently heard of a company called Mitscoots. There is so much to love about this little company, but here are a few of my favorite reasons!

  • For every pair of Mitscoots socks you purchase they give a pair to someone in need, so it’s kind of like making a donation to a worthy cause and getting a free pair of socks in return.
  • Mitscoots socks are made in U.S. A., which I like a whole lot.
  • They give you 20% off your first order just because they are nice like that.
  • They hire those in need and offer them an opportunity to get back on their feet.
  • Super fast shipping! Seriously, it might have just been my lucky day, but I placed my order on a Saturday and my socks arrived on Monday. Awesome!

You’re probably thinking this is all fine and good and that Mitscoots sounds like a fantastic little company, but what about the socks? Personally I want their entire line of socks, especially “The Linda” since polka dots are my favorite, but I decided to go with a new pair of running socks and chose “The Margaret” from their active line. They are a moisture-wicking tech sock, which really does make a difference if you are putting in a decent number of miles every week. Honestly, though, I’d kind of like to wear them all the time because they are so very comfy. I put them on and immediately noticed how soft and cushion-y they are while still offering snug support in the arch, which is an area I’ve had some trouble with in the past. My favorite feature might be the added padding on the back of the heel, which is good for protecting against blisters without sticking out too far from my shoes. The bottom line is that I’m really glad I found Mitscoots because not only do I get to buy good-quality running socks, but I also get to provide a little something for those in need and I hope you’ll consider doing the same or at least tell your friends about this little gem of a company that’s doing a whole lot of good.


  1. I love your favorite post-run ritual! A cool shower on a hot day is great, I love that too.
    Or a hot tea after a run on a freezing cold day.

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