Happy New Year & A Tale About My Unplanned Skin Resurfacing

It recently occurred to me that I haven’t written anything here since before Christmas and I don’t even feel all that bad about it because I was focused on enjoying time with my family and making the most of the rude weather we have been experiencing here in the Northeast. There were some fun times and some not-so-fun times over the course of the last couple weeks and while I miss my kids now that they are finally back at school, I’m also glad to get back into our routine. Here’s some of the fun times we experienced:

Five days before Christmas I woke up with the worst burning, itching feeling on my face that I have ever experienceId. I’m not kidding when I tell you I was crying like a baby and wishing I could just scrape away an entire layer of skin to make it all stop. It turns out I had a horrible reaction to my night cream, which is supposed to be anti-aging. From now on, I’ll go with more gentler options to fight wrinkles.

I forgot to mention that while I was in the midst of my skin misery we were being hit by an ice storm here in Maine. We live about a mile from a drugstore, but it was literally impossible to get there due to the ice build-up in our yard and on the roads, so I scoured the house for a remedy to ease my agony. I pretty much failed miserably. On day two of my unplanned skin resurfacing we suddenly lost our electricity. Like I wasn’t uncomfortable enough, I now had to suffer without heat and a hot shower. The power outage lasted nearly 24 hours and we got our electricity back just in time to clean up and get to my in-laws for Christmas Eve. My face still wasn’t 100% healed, but luckily none of them get close enough to notice. We had a nice visit and still got home at a reasonable hour to prepare for Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was like it always has been, wonderful until it’s time to pack up the car and make the two-hour drive for my family’s holiday gathering. I thoroughly loved just sitting with Paul, Cody and Nick in front of the Christmas tree opening gifts together as festive music played in the background. I love the rest of my family, but I realized something on this particular Christmas Day and that is the fact that I’m not interested in spending four hours on the road anymore. No part of the day topped dropping off cookies at my local soup kitchen and the time spent here at home together, which has led me to think long and hard about how we’ll spend our Christmas this year. At the top of my list will be watching the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade live, rather than recorded on the DVR.

Christmas Day was basically the start of a really long, and extended, winter break for Cody and Nick. They were supposed to go back to school on January 2, but Mother Nature had other plans and school was canceled for both January 2 and January 3. Lucky me! I had no alarm to set and I had my boys right where I love having them the most, which is right here at home with me.

Happy New Year!

Now I have to share the most exciting thing that has happened since the last time I logged into my dashboard and danced my fingers across the keyboard of my laptop. We got a new car! We went from being a one-car family for the past four years to being a two-car family once again and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, we managed fine with one vehicle, but having that second one sitting in the driveway takes a load off my shoulders and eases some of the stress I often felt when I really needed to get somewhere, but simply couldn’t because our car was at work with Paul.

So tell me? What’s the very best thing to happen in your life since flipping the calendar to 2014?


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