Hand Sanitizers – Beware!

I was so bothered by this recent find, that I had to share it with everyone. I am talking about those hand sanitizers that come in the pump or bottle and are probably on the walls of many buildings we walk into, including my son’s school! First, and foremost, they are by no means a substitute for hand washing! Always encourage your child to wash their hands thoroughly. What I mean by that is keep the soap on your hands(don’t rinse half of it down the sink when you turn on the water-this happens at our house and I am sure at yours, too) and rub to tune of your favorite song being sung twice.( a good recommendation is the “Happy Birthday” song or something similar in length). It is very important to remember where the germs really are on your hands. Don’t think that a quick washing of your palms will do the job. It is very important for you to scrub each individual finger paying close attention the finger tips, nails, cuticles and under the nails and make sure you teach this technique to your children. Oh, and especially this time of year, make sure you change your bathroom hand towel often to help prevent passing germs. A neat idea is to have a different towel for each member of the family. Choose a different color for each member(if you have a good variety). Now that is a colorful towel rack! Okay, back to the hand sanitizers! I actually discourage my son from using the pumps on the wall at his school. Mainly, because they are made up of mostly alcohol, which is so drying to the skin and there is usually access to the bathroom where he can give his hands a quality hand washing. How about this for scary: in a 2 ounce bottle(you know the one that can fit in your purse?), there is the equivalent of 4 shots of liquor and more alcohol than in cough syrup, so pay extra close attention to your little ones so they don’t get curious and wonder what it tastes like.
What it comes down to is there is truly no quality substitute for hand washing, but there is one company that has made it their goal to provide a safe and natural hand sanitizer and they are completely GREEN. They are Clean Well and you should check them out at www.cleanwelltoday.com


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