Halloween, smoking, and too many dogs

Last night Cody and Nick both dressed up and although they are both too old to trick or treat for candy, they really wanted to walk up and down the popular street here in our town, the one that gets hundreds of kids in costume. The weather was just right, not so cold I needed a winter coat, but certainly not t-shirt weather, either. The street was crowded and it was fun to see all of the clever costumes and creativity that some offer as opposed to store-bought costumes. I have nothing against store-bought costumes, I just appreciate well done homemade ones more. What I didn’t appreciate last night, however, was the parents smoking as they held the hand of their princess, puffing away with no regard to anyone around them. This was a crowded area, much like a building filled with people in a way. I shouldn’t have to worry whether or not someone’s cigarette may accidentally brush past me or my kids while we are out on Halloween. What I find the most disturbing is that they couldn’t handle themselves for the amount of time it takes to walk up and down this particular street, roughly an hour. I mean, really?! I’m pretty your lungs can wait for that amount of time. The other thing that really got on my nerves last night was the ridiculous number of dogs in the crowd. I was bit this summer by a neighbor’s dog while out on a walk so I’m certainly more cautious, but I just don’t see the point when kids are darting from house to another with nothing more than streetlights guiding the way. You might like to take your dog with you everywhere, but trick or treating on an extremely packed street shouldn’t be included as one of those outings.

On a randomly positive note from the evening, Cody got a hug from a complete (cute) stranger because she liked his costume. He grinned and flexed his muscles with a puzzled look on his face – I explained she must have found him adorable and he grinned and flexed again. He’s becoming such a man.

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