Give less to the landfill

We drove past a landfill on Christmas Day.  Yuck.  It was visible from the road and the mountain of stuff was enormous and just plain ugly.  I now wish I had asked my husband to stop so I could take a picture so I’d have a reminder of why it’s important to continue with our many green habits as a family.  I started to imagine many more of these mountains all across the country and got really bothered by the fact that so many of us mindlessly add to landfills without any regard to the fact that much of our waste is just going to sit there for many many years.  I wonder if it would make any difference if we all had to drive past a landfill each and every day.  If seeing all of that trash piled nearly as high as a skyscraper would make us all more aware of our choices on a daily basis.  Personally, I don’t need that kind of daily reminder, but I think some people do.  I think it might make a difference to some people, while others simply wouldn’t give a damn.  You know, the person who drives by with fast food bags on the floor of their car and a styrofoam cup filled with coffee in the cup holder?  The person who just simply doesn’t care about their impact because, after all, they are just one person. 
Well, I’m just one person, too, but I have a really big mouth (yes I know, you’re surprised) and I am not shy about using it to inspire, force, or just plain yell at you until you do something to make a difference.  Just one thing would contribute hugely if everyone committed to something.  What I also have on my side is the fact that I’m raising two kids who are eco-conscious about their choices as well and my hope is that they take everything I’ve taught them into adulthood and then eventually to their own children.  My future grandchildren should not have to live in world overrun with landfills and pollution because I didn’t care enough to make a difference.

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