Wordless Wednesday – Ford Motor Company Living Roof

Ford Motor Company Living Roof

Ford Motor Company Living Roof


  1. A house must have the roof and the decoration of roof make the house very beautiful. I’d like to also say that the excitement from that invite is most definitely what delayed getting this post published until now. It was an emotional afternoon filled with gratitude and tears of joy. I like the colorful roofing.

  2. I have the opportunity to go at the festival. The festival is so beautiful. All the things are so great. I’d love to share some of my photos from last year’s Festival. My pictures can’t even begin to capture the amount of gorgeous we were surrounded. I want to see more festival like this.

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  8. The Living Roof’s primary function is to collect and filter rainfall as part of a natural storm water management system.By protecting the underlying roof structure from ultraviolet radiation and the thermal shock caused by warm days and cool nights, the Living Roof is expected to last at least twice as long as a conventional roof. This could save millions of dollars in roof replacement costs.

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  10. Leaking of roof can be dangerous

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  12. May I know if the roof is made of bricks? Very artistic design. Thumbs up!

  13. Wow! It is good to know that a successful company also cared about the environment. The design is amazing. The plants are beautiful. Thank you for this update.

  14. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Roofing is very important and it is nice to know that we can follow roofing tips that are good for the environment. I appreciate the post. The content is great.

  15. The outcome of your roof looks fantastic! It is indeed a practical solution for self-cleaning roof. Save you so much and you can really see the difference. Thank you for sharing this amazing idea!

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