Ford Focus live chat with Chad D’Arcy

One of the coolest things I did this summer was attend Forward with Ford in Dearborn Michigan. I got to see some of my favorite online friends, got my photo taken with Ed Begley, Jr., and had some major fun at the Ford test track. One of the highlights was most definitely getting a glimpse of the new Focus Electric vehicle. Sharp looking car, right?

While it was so cool to hear about this amazing new vehicle and the many awesome features, I’ll admit I wasn’t really focused so much on it as I was on the speaker in the room, Ed Begley, Jr. What can I say? I think he’s pretty darn adorable and funny and about as green as green can be. I mean the guy once (or maybe several times) rode a bicycle to create enough power to make himself toast for breakfast. You believe me now, right? He’s a really green guy. So really, it’s not at all surprising that he’d be partnering with Ford as a spokesperson for the new Focus Electric vehicle. Oh, those butterflies.

Fast forward to today when I got to participate in a live chat with Chad D’Arcy who is the Ford Electric Marketing Manager. He was available to answer some questions before the exciting reveal of the new Focus, so I’m glad it worked with my schedule to attend via the internet. Some of my favorite highlights from the chat:

  • The new Focus Electric has a daily range estimate of 70-100 miles depending on conditions and customer usage.
  • The charging station is a Leviton 240V and can fully charge in 3-4 hours, in comparison, that’s about half the amount it takes for the Nissan Leaf.
  • When purchasing the Ford Focus Electric, it comes fully loaded and equipped to support and utilize the MyFord Mobile App – I saw a demo of this while at Forward with Ford and I have to say it was impressive and fun on many levels.
  • Not only is the vehicle available for purchase at $39,200 (fully equipped, but a little hefty a price tag for my bank account), it’s also available for leasing and is eligible for up to $7,500 in federal tax credits and maybe even some state and/or local tax credits as well.
  • You can find a list of EV Certified dealerships at to see if the new model will be available at a dealership near your home.
  • The charging station goes where you go, something that is unique and unlike competitors. It can be installed and housed in a garage or hard-wired on the outside of a building, but if you move, it can easily go with you. Ford has an exclusive relationship with Best Buy’s GeekSquad to make the installation of the charging unit fast and easy making your transition into your new electric vehicle a smooth one.

Although this vehicle is way out of my price range (I know, woe is me.), if you happen to be in the market for an electric vehicle I’m pretty confident you’ll be impressed with the effort that Ford has put in to this automobile with not only the green aspects, but also the really amazing technology. Seriously.


  1. Curious where you heard the FFEV has a lease option, my understanding was that it’s a purchase or nothing. Link?


    • Chad was actually asked the question directly during the chat and he explained the lease option would, in fact, be available. I’m not sure where you would find specific information on that, though. Maybe their Facebook page? Or at the Ford website. Thanks for stopping by.

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