Five little known facts about this most spectacular day

Newborn Baby

Dear Cody,

Here we are kiddo, you’re 17 years old today. I vaguely remember that day and there weren’t even any drugs involved. That’s right, I’m gonna brag a little. At the time it wasn’t all that pretty or brag-worthy, but now I like to brag about the lack of drugs during my labor and your birth and the fact that there were plenty of pounds in your little body and circumference around your head. Believe me, I should know. I have nothing inspirational or beautiful to say about what it feels like for a 9 pound, 4 ounce baby with a large decent sized head to come forcing his way through and out of your pelvis. I will say this, though, it was quickly forgetten once you were here and I held you in my arms. You weren’t what one would call a planned pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you were wanted or loved any less. Your birthday was truly the most wonderful day of my life thus far. I remember keeping track of every one of your milestones and documenting them in your baby book. From your weight and height at 6 months of age to your first words and everything in between. I was a first-time Mom. It’s what we do.While there’s a lot of information in your baby book and a photo album filled with your cuteness, there are certainly some little known facts about the day of your birth that I think you (and the rest of the world) should know……..

  • You were born on my birthday. I remember a few days before you were born. It was already several days past your due date and I made a couple demands requests of my doctor – I didn’t want to go into labor on my birthday or on Thanksgiving. Apparently you knew as the years went by that I would come to realize what an amazing gift it would be to give birth to you on my birthday, which happened to be the day before Thanksgiving. Just as it is this year. Indeed, you are hands-down, the very best birthday gift I ever received.
  • The first snowfall of the season. It’s true. Do you want to know why I’m so confident that it’s true? Okay, I’ll tell you. I remember walking down the hall with your Dad and your Grammy to help with the progression of my labor. While I was attempting to climb up the wall in agonizing pain (that’s called a contraction) Dad and Grammy were staring out the window in awe of the snow falling for the first time of that winter. They’ve both lived in Maine for most of their lives. This wasn’t their first time seeing the white stuff. Your birth, however, a little more special. Like I should have to remind them of that, right? I’m sure I was very sweet about it though.
  • The annual television airing of The Wizard of Oz. I know there are some people who will appreciate and remember this. It was a time when The Wizard of Oz only aired once a year. One time. That’s it. There was no DVR to record it if you weren’t at home and it certainly wasn’t out on DVD because those, ahem, didn’t exist yet. We’re talking ancient history here, my son. It made perfect sense that it would be on the television at the precise time you born, especially since it is now one of your most favorite movies of all time. Mine too, actually.
  • The only day in history I was certain I was dying. Call me dramatic all you want, your father certainly does, but I was sure. I was so sure that I pulled your Dad into the bathroom with me at one point and looked him straight in the eye and told him to take good care of you because I was going to die. The pain was that excruciating. Nevermind the fact that I was about eight or ten hours into my labor with no drugs and probably a little bit exhausted and most likely not thinking very clearly, I was confdident in one thing. That day I was dying. Obviously I was wrong and even gave birth to another large baby just a few years later. Clearly the memory of that day didn’t stick with me for very long.
  • The day I realized it was actually possible to love a baby more than my cat. Go ahead and read that sentence again because I realize how silly it sounds and I actually laugh a little when I read it or think about thinking that way all those years ago. In my defense, my cat was my world back them. She was always waiting for me when I arrived home from work when your Dad was away at sea in the Navy, a faithful companion of the most soft and cuddly sort. She traveled 3000 miles across the country with us when we moved from California to Maine – that alone makes her super lovable. I mean, really!! She was ripped from the most perfect climate ever to one that was the complete opposite. Poor little kitty cat. I remember during my pregnancy while she would snuggle up next to me and my belly, purring like crazy, petting her and thinking how will I ever love this baby as much as I love this precious cat? Serious thoughts that I felt a little worried and guilty about. We’ll just blame the hormones, but I know that other pregnant women and Moms can relate with what I’m saying. We all understand how at the time something so irrational to others seems overpowering and very, very real. Needless to say, you were born and I giggled at the thought I ever had any doubts about being able to spread out my love between you and Cali the cat. You stole my heart and still have it to this day.

More than anything, the day you were born brought me the realization of the most wonderful kind of love that I could ever experience and feel. The kind where I share your smiles and cry your tears right along with you. The kind I cherish more than anything.

Happy Birthday Cody!




  1. 🙂

  2. Okay, the last one totally seals our friendship. (As if it was ever in doubt!) I wasn’t sure I would ever love a baby more than Piewackett, the stray I found in college in Texas. She passed last year and I think both kids were just as sad as I was. Thankfully they love the critters as much as I do, too!
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  3. Happy birthday to Cody! Thanks for the great post here…

  4. Nice to read your post. I can feel how much you love your son. He is lucky to have you as his mother.

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