Equal Exchange organic and fair trade certified coffee {Review}

If you know me, you know how much I love coffee. I make a pot of coffee before doing anything else in the morning, and that includes kissing my husband. Don’t worry, he knows where my priorities lie understands. When I was younger I didn’t particularly care what kind of coffee I drank or how much sugar and cream I added to it. As a matter of fact, I can remember my Mom once asking if I’d like some coffee with my cream and sugar. Oh, how bad is that? I mean I drank coffee for the boost, not becuase I appreciated some lovely note of this or that. Now that I’m more mature, I mean older, I’ve come to appreciate the taste and quality of my coffee as opposed to overly enhancing it with stuff like sugar and too much creamer.

One of my very favorite brands has become Equal Exchange. Their products are organic and fair trade certified and I’ve had wonderful customer service when contacting them with a concern, all very important qualities when it comes to purchasing coffee. When Mambo Sprouts offered to send me a couple of their flavors to try, of course I replied with an immediate yes, please! I received their Organic Mind, Body, and Soul and their Organic French Roast, the first described as a blend of medium and vienna roasts with smooth and creamy chocolate notes and the second was described as intensely dark and full bodied. I don’t usually buy anything too dark because it’s just a little too much for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the French Roast. It wasn’t as bold as I expected (or maybe I’m just more tolerant in my maturing years) and with a small amount of my favorite coconut milk creamer, it was the perfect start to several of my mornings. My husband drinks his coffee black, I haven’t reached his level of sophistication quite yet, and he thoroughly enjoyed both of the Equal Exchange coffees. I will say I actually did notice a slight creaminess and note of chocolate in the Mind, Body, and Soul and it was my favorite of the two flavors that I sampled. If I’m going to consume something on a daily basis it’s important that it be of high quality, or at least the best quality that I can afford. To help with that Mambo Sprouts offers coupons from many great organic brands on their website, including Equal Exchange, so run on over and start printing!

Disclosure: While Mambo Sprouts provided me with bags of Equal Exchange coffee to sample, my opinions are always fair and honest.


  1. I’m always looking for new kinds of fair trade and organic coffee, so this is great to know. And coupons? Very nice! Also, about that coconut milk creamer – does it add any coconut flavor, or is it just creamy goodness?

    • I have really loved Equal Exchange for a long time, Megan and highly recommend them, especially with the coupon. As far as the coconut creamer? I am not a coconut person at all, but I love this stuff. I can’t really taste any coconut in it all and there’s no dairy or soy, making it even better.

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