Diva Cup Product Review and Sweepstakes!

*Disclosure: This post is about periods. No, not the ones you learned about in English class. I didn’t even like English class.  The word vagina *may* be used. Also, the word flow will be used, as it pertains to blood.  Excited yet? Or squirming a little? Because I kind of enjoy seeing someone squirm.

Still here?  Okay, you’ve been warned.

Raise your hand if you love your period!  Should I repeat that?  I didn’t see any hands.  No loud chanting of “Me, me, me!”  Someone has to love their period.  What with the flowiness, cramps, bloating, and mood swings.  You know….the stuff that would send men into the fetal position swearing they were dying?  Did I mention the cramps?
Now, I should say that all of this is stuff I have only read about menstruation and what women go through each month because I don’t know, personally, what they feel like one bit. Nope, not me.  My periods are all about floating on air, dancing and singing with flowers in my hair, and doing cartwheels while wearing my favorite white pants. What?  You don’t believe me?  I can’t imagine why!
Okay, fine!  My period sucks!  There isn’t one good thing about it.  Not a one. As a matter of fact, there is a tiny part of me that’s eager for menopause so I don’t have to experience mother nature’s wrath joy anymore.
Also?  Not so sure that we should really call her “mother” nature because let’s be honest.  A female would not wish or send such an unwelcome guest every single month to other females, she just wouldn’t.
I have to say that over the years, I have leaned more toward using pads because of the whole toxic shock fear with tampons.  The bulkiness stinks, but I always felt “safer” using them.  I have also used tampons on occasion, but definitely the ones without chlorine.  Yes, ladies.  I said chlorine, something I’d rather not have near or inside any part of my body!

*If you are a boy and are still reading this post, you are either really brave or just plain crazy!

Okay, let’s continue.  In the quest to “green” my period, since it won’t be going away anytime soon, I really wanted to find something that didn’t create so much waste because although the pads or tampons I  purchase don’t contain chlorine, they still add to the landfill.  Just imagine for a minute over the course of your period years, the amount you contribute to the landfill.  Pretty picture? Yeah, you’re welcome!  That should be seared on your brain for a while.  Now, let me share with you a better visual.  A lot less waste, nothing bulky between your legs, and reusable.  Don’t you dare run away all scared because I said reusable when discussing a feminine hygiene product.  It’s not that bad, really.  As a matter of fact, I happen to think it’s awesome.  I mean it makes my period a bit more bearable.  A little bit, but still.
Enter the Diva Cup! First, the name!  I love the name.  Those people at that company are super smart and really cle-ver, don’t you think?  I mean, really, when have you ever felt like a Diva during your period? Yeah, me either.
The Diva Cup is basically what the name implies – a cup that you insert into your vagina to collect your “flow.”  The concept of menstrual cups has been around for many years, but I think that the Diva Cup company really gets the concept “right.”  They are committed to a product that is environmentally friendly, safe for women, and money-saving.  All  things that are hugely important to me as a woman and as a Mom.
Now, I know what you are thinking:  If she thinks I am going to put my fingers anywhere near or possibly inside my girly parts, she is crazier than I already thought.   Was I close?  I get that.  I do.  So, if you have any reservations about that part, this might not be for you, but I hope you will consider it an opportunity to get a little more comfortable with your body.
I, on the other hand, had no problem with the inserting and removing part.  Knowing I’m not creating any waste and that I’m saving money, too, is enough for me to get my hands a little dirty.  Here’s some of what makes a Diva Cup so awesome(from their site):

    • Latex-free, BPA-free, plastic-free
  • No dyes, colors, or additives
  • comfortable, reliable
  • clean, convenient, easy-to-use
  • worn for up to 12 hours at a time

The one thing I heard and read most from women who had already tried the Diva Cup was that they had a problem with leaking.  I was nervous about that, so I wore a pantyliner in the beginning, just in case.  I am pleased to say that I didn’t experience any leaking.  Apparently, I am a pretty good inserter of thou Diva Cup.  Thank you, yes, thank you.  If you do experience minor leakage, you just make a small adjustment and you’ll be just fine.  Don’t let that fear discourage you.  Heck, I’d be willing to bet you’ve experienced leakage at least once during your menstruating years with other feminine hygiene products, right?  This is no different.  You just have to get the hang of it and it will change your life.  I am not kidding.
Since it can be inserted up to 12 hours (depending on your flow), you can just leave it inserted during regular bathroom visits throughout the day.  This is a huge added bonus for me since I spend a really ridiculous amount of time visiting the bathroom due to my water and coffee consumption during the day.
When you need to empty the cup, simply do so in the toilet.  If you need to do so while out in public, empty it, wipe it out with toilet paper and re-insert, and wash when you get back home.  Honestly, though, I have yet to fill the cup and I would consider myself to have a pretty heavy flow, especially on days two and three.  Ideally, you should clean your Diva Cup with hot water and the DivaWash, but any non-fragrance soap will work, too.   In between periods, store your cup in the cute little pouch that comes with it.  I highly recommend you visit their FAQ page on their website.  It has every question you could imagine and answers each of them with great detail.

Let’s recap, shall we?

  • No waste (to be clear – the Diva Cup is not to be used forever, the Diva team recommends replacing yearly-they go in depth for you on that at their FAQ page)
  • Saves you money (tampons, pads, pantyliners…. oh my the expense!)
  • Great for the environment
  • easy insertion/removal, easy to clean
  • comes with storage pouch
  • convenient – can be inserted for up to 12 hours

Honestly, I have only GREAT things to say about my experience with the Diva Cup, but if you hold me hostage until I share a con about it, I would say it’s the cleaning, just because it’s a bit icky.  Think about it this way, though…..how many times have you cleaned a less-than-pretty diaper or the bathroom in your home? Ewwww is right! So, really, this is not so bad after all.
I am never going to look forward to my monthly “visitor”, but with my Diva Cup, I think I can muddle through for a few more years.
Curious about a Diva Cup for yourself or a friend or family member?  Or maybe that special girl who is new to the experience of menstruating?  Have I got something crazy exciting for you!  The awesome folks at Diva Cup want to give one of you your very own.  Wait, no!  That’s incorrect!  They want to give Five, yes that’s 5of you a Diva Cup!  Hello people! That’s why it’s called a SWEEPSTAKES…. of the Diva kind!  Okay, so here’s how to enter for your chance to do the Diva dance!

  1. Follow Diva Cup on Twitter and leave me a comment with your Twitter id.
  2. Follow ME on Twitter and leave a comment with your Twitter id.
  3. If you “like” my page on Facebook, leave me a comment with your Facebook name. No name, no entry.
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  5. Subscribe to my feed by clicking on that handy little button over to the right of this post.
  6. Share your most embarrassing period experience (Promise we will laugh with you, not at you!)
  7. Go to the Diva Cup website and come back and leave a comment sharing something that you learned about them or this awesome product. (Please don’t copy someone else, that’s just not cool and will be deleted)

Okay, seriously everyone, that’s seven chances for you to have an entry for one of the fabulous Diva Cups, but please follow the directions.  I don’t want to delete an entry because you copied someone else(you cheated in high school, didn’t you?), or because you left out your Facebook name. Here’s the most important instruction – I need your email in order to contact you if you win. I will not play detective – although I am good at it, I just won’t do it.  As long as it appears in one of your entries, you are all set.  Any questions? Good! Now get your Diva on and have fun entering and sharing with everyone you know!

*Disclosure – I was provided with my own Diva Cup from the company for the purpose of this review and giveaway. The winners’ prizes will also be provided by the Diva Cup company. However, the opinions are always my own.

Contest ends June 30th, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. and winners will be chosen with the help of  random.org.


  1. Yes yes yes! Been wanting to try this; just couldn't shell out the $30, due to my high ick response. A giveaway is just what I need! 🙂
    Following DivaCup. (@kellynaturally)

  2. Already following you & facebooking you… so not sure if you'll count this entry. No prob if not! 🙂
    facebook is kelly naaturally (yes 2 a's, don't ask)

  3. Oh goodness… most embarrassing, seriously? I don't know, I'm not embarrassed by this stuff much. I think probably my very first period when my mom rushes out of the bathroom to tell MY DAD. Yeah, I felt like dying. Otherwise, eh. adolescence in general was embarrassing… period didn't stand out too much! ;-P

  4. As for a Diva Cup fact? There's no link between menstrual cups & increased risk of yeast infections. Which, yuck, yeah, but frankly, that's freakin awesome.

  5. Subscribed to your feed.
    My email: kelly @ kellynaturally .com

  6. Liked them on FB & left a comment there.

  7. Julia Horr says

    I follow you & @Divacup on Twitter (@lynchmama). Email is crunchypaganparent (at) gmail.com. 🙂

  8. Julia Horr says

    I Follow you & @DivaCup on Twitter as @lynchmama. Crunchypaganparent (at) gmail.com

  9. Reboloke says

    I first heard about Diva Cups when I was in high school, but between ick factor and price never got one. I've since learned just how pricy pads can be :-p and gotten a little less squeamish about the whole ick factor. Some how working in a daycare and looking at/cleaning up all the things going in and out of "my" kids makes anything from my own body seem not quite as bad… lol

    I followed you on twitter with the username Reboloke. The email I usually use is bumblebezzie(at)aol.com.

  10. Reboloke says

    For #5 does following with the google thing count or is it supposed to be subscribing to the RSS feed? I followed you, but I don't do subscriptions to RSS feeds, so I hope that counts.

  11. Soapnutter says

    No need to enter me in your draw as I use cloth pads already and I'm a Mooncup fan rather than Diva cup….

    But the most embarrassing period moment –

    One of 2. One is older and I was in school, aged about 14 and using disposable paper pads and leaked all over my uniform and the seat I was sitting in. I could feel it all squishy and yuck and couldn't move to get up and leave the lesson, which had a MAN teacher! I wanted to die.

    The other is more recent and was embarrassing afterwards when I thought about what might have been. I'd been suffering from the most horrendous heavy bleeding – really pouring and out of control and I got rushed into the hospital and needed a blood transfusion. It was after I got home again and a friend said, "What if you'd not gone, would you have died through blood loss?" I thought about it, asked my family doctor and yes, it's possible. That's when the embarrassment hit. What if my death certificate has said "Cause of death: Period" Imagine having that? I just cringe.

    All better now though, having had a procedure to deal with it and I no longer have proper periods. It's wonderful.

  12. Ugh, just recently I had period overload at work. Blood everywhere, through my pants and I just kept standing there wondering what in the heck I was going to do. I can't sit down for fear of getting it on my chairand I work 40 min away from my house. Who wants to tell their male boss they have to leave in the middle of the day because of that?! I snuck out the door and had someone else tell my boss I got suddenly very sick!

  13. Memory Brantley says

    I can't wait to try the Diva Cup! I'll buy one if I can't win one… I can't wait to do my part to help the planet!
    Memory Brantley

  14. I've been wanting to try a Diva cup for a while now.

    I follow you on twitter (@MotivatedMumma).
    Email is jbusby84@gmail.com

  15. I am now following Diva cup on twitter too! (@MotivatedMumma). My email is jbusby84 @ gmail.com.

  16. I liked your page on facebook too. My facebook name is Jessica Busby. Email is jbusby @ gmail.com. 🙂

  17. Now that I have a little more time… I don't really embarrass much about this kind of thing, but the biggest moment where I had the "you have got to be kidding me" moment was when my period decided to show up without warning while I was on a picnic with my then boyfriend (now husband), which just happened to be the day he proposed . I bled through my shorts, so he was extra nervous about proposing because he thought I might say no because that happened. Walking back into his parents house that afternoon was awkward. His mother hugged me when we came in the door and she saw the ring and then I quickly went into the bathroom to change. Definitely a day to remember.

  18. Kc Walker10 says

    Just found you on facebook! I would love to have one! My friends have said good things.
    Liked on Facebook and left a comment here!

  19. smilinggreenmom says

    Been wanting to try one too! Following them on twitter @smilinggreenmom

  20. smilinggreenmom says

    Follow you too on twitter! @smilinggreenmom

  21. smilinggreenmom says

    I like their FB page (lynn momblogger)

  22. smilinggreenmom says

    I like your FB page (lynn momblogger)

  23. smilinggreenmom says

    I subscribe to you (smilinggreenmom)

  24. smilinggreenmom says

    Most embarrassing story? Hmmm…my first period came on the day of a swim meet. Ugh, my mom had to talk me through the whole tampon thing on the phone while she was at work. I think I was crying LOL

  25. I'm following diva cup on twit (@cecedon)

  26. I follow you on twitter (@cecedon)

  27. Colette Donnelly says

    I liked diva cup on facebook (colette donnelly)

  28. Colette Donnelly says

    I like you on facebook (colettedonnelly)

  29. Colette Donnelly says

    I can't think of a single embarrassing moment, but I will say my sister bought me one of these for christmas (I know a little different). Now she got me a size 1 and seeing that I've had 3 kids and I'm older than 40 (yikes) now I don't know that it's going to work. I suspect that the size would cause leaking, so I've never tried it. This is the perfect reason to get me to try it, maybe I'll get the right size! Also, I've read the whole web site and the green factor really has me interested, but I like that it doesn't absorb anything else, it just collects. Those tampons absorb all sorts of other stuff that you know they shouldn't. Thanks for testing this out and giving your opinion. I was actually going to ask if you ever tried it so it's so funny that you are running this contest.

  30. Janet Murphy says

    I think this a a great idea and I have heard so much about it, I would love a chance to see if it is as good as everyone says. I now follow you on Twitter. (@ordinarymomca)

  31. My worst experience with a period was when I was 12 and I was very new to the whole idea. I didn't know when to expect my period or how to tell if it is there. What happened was that I had a report for english class and when I stood up, my school uniform had a huuuuuge bloody mark on it. Needless to say, all the other kids laughed at me. I didn't come out of the bathroom until my teacher called me. 🙁

  32. Julia Horr says

    Following you on Twitter @Lynchmama
    Following DivaCup on Twitter

  33. I so want to try this! But never could afford. But I think this is such a wonderful product if it works! I am just entering once. scrolling up to see how…I dont twitter but I do like you on FB but not interested in giving you my last name on here(i know if someone wanted to find out they could easily)…ok so up again…not 4 until I really know if I like…um 5 I do follow you through google friend???….6. I can't remember one…#7 Woohoo I found out I could buy from a website I like well.ca. Ok so I hope somewhere in all of that I can get one entry!

  34. Moriahsalado says

    I didn't realize there was an alternative to pads or tampons until i got the diva cup web site from a mag i read. Also i didnt realize how much waste i produced personally by not having echo friendly periods. Please enter me in your contest i would like to try the diva cup My face book is Moriah Renee

  35. Someone I know uses a diva cup and loves it, but I have been a little chicken to try… However this week of having some issues accidentally buying the scented tampons (uuuugh) and being all-around unhappy with that makes me want to give this a try. This is so funny because I was just telling my first period story the other day. I would probably say that was the most embarrassing thing ever, just because I was a painfully shy person. My mother also never talked to me about anything like that, left it up to health class. (thanks, mom) I'd never seen a pad or a tampon that i remembered because my mom had severe endometriosis that required a hysterectomy when I was 6 or 7. So, in sixth grade, the ONLY DAY I ever had to stay at the afterschool until my mom got off work was the day I got my period. I was at the afterschool and feeling just awful and cranky. I was also upset because I didn't know ANYONE who stayed after school so I was bored out of my skull and feeling like a social pariah anyway. When I went to the bathroom, I was just like.. oooooh no. no no no no. I ended up fashioning a pad out of toilet paper because I didn't know anyone and was too shy to ask or tell the teacher that I needed a pad. I ended up even trying to hide it from my mom because I was just so mortified that I had just spent hours so uncomfortable with toiletpaper stuck in my panties… and let's face it. You know that thin gross tp they use in school bathrooms. It was just a soaked gross mess.

  36. Britterbug84 says

    I follow Diva Cup on Twitter – britterbug84

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    I follow you on Twitter – britterbug84

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    I "like" Diva Cup's page on Facebook – Brittany Ricks

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    I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader

  41. Britterbug84 says

    I was on a choir tour in High School and leaked through my pants and onto the charter bus' seat. It was gross, and I didn't even have a sweatshirt to tie around my waist. Ugh…..not a good memory. – britterbug84@yahoo.com

  42. Britterbug84 says

    I have known about Diva cup for a while now, but I had no idea that menstural cups have been around for over 75 years! I can't wait to try one, and REALLY hope that I win one.

  43. following the diva cup on twitter

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    katie stramer

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  51. I have subscribed to your feed by using the handy button on the right, there 🙂

  52. I don't really have any embarrassing moments, other than before I switched to cloth pads I hated that trip to the FEMININE HYGIENE AISLE. I'd rather keep that money in my pocket. I hated that it cost so much to buy some flimsy crap and I had NO CHOICE! When I found about reusables I jumped right on. I make my own now. I'd love to try the diva cup. Hope I win, really 🙂

  53. I visited the Diva Cup website and I learned that while not all women can afford to convert their house to solar or their car to bio-fuels, most women can afford a $30-or-less investment for 10 years of menstrual protection!

    Reducing your dependence on heavily polluting paper products is a simple and important step that anyone can take to make a difference in how much waste goes to landfills.

  54. saramousy says

    7.Go to the Diva Cup website and come back and leave a comment sharing something that you learned about them or this awesome product. I learned that this product is awesome all around. Form the being able to wear it for 12 hrs to the part where I don't have to buy pads that just stinck up my bathroom. I love being able to just wash it out. I like the sealing and the protection and the comfort that the Diva provides!


  55. saramousy says

    6.Share your most embarrassing period experience… I went to London on vacation and completely forgot to pack the needed items. We only had a few days left so my mom told me to wing it with the few I brought just in case. Lets just say it waws a smelly uncomfortable close of the vacation.


  56. saramousy says

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  57. saramousy says

    4.If you "like" Diva Cup's page on Facebook, leave a comment with your Facebook name. Again, no name, no entry. Becky Jennings


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    2.Follow ME on Twitter and leave a comment with your Twitter id. saramousy


  60. saramousy says

    1.Follow Diva Cup on Twitter and leave me a comment with your Twitter id. saramousy


  61. post for the divacup SWEEPSTAKES my name is Jessica Renee Koester on facebook and my e-mail is koester1118@ymail.com. My embarrassing story is once when I had a few too many drinks at a bar went to the bathroom did my business and replaced my tampon. Later when I went to home to my husband to get bussy I removed it and got all ready for him and he asked why I didn't take out my tampon and I said I did and he said no and pulled it out and gave me a very nasty look, little did I know I never removed the first one. To this day if I go out drinking and on my period I always wear a pad.

  62. Melonie K. says

    Awesome giveaway – thanks for hosting!

    "Liked" DivaCup on Facebook (as Melonie Kennedy) – that's where I found out about your drawing, actually. 🙂

  63. Melonie K. says

    "Liked" your page on Facebook as well – as Melonie Kennedy.

  64. Melonie K. says

    Most embarrasing … this one's usually a fun one:

    When I was a teenager my mom got a job at Target. Because of her employee discount, we did a lot of shopping there. (Makes sense, right?) Including for our feminine hygiene products. *sigh*
    Keep in mind my mom and stepdad are VERY loud, sarcastic people who love love love to tease people. Especially 16 year old girls who are totally MORTIFIED that they need "that stuff" and try to just slip the boxes of Kotex products into the pile of other items being purchased.

    Insert blushing and stammering by me as I try to hide behind my mother, until my stepdad notices and proclaims to every cashier they know who is working – yes, across ALL the checkstands at the front of the store – that his daughter is on her period and needs products but is too afraid to suck it up and buy them herself.

    I plan to bill them for therapy at some point in my life. 😉

    (It also explains why I stopped shopping at that Target as soon as I got my drivers license and could just sneak to the drug store myself. heh heh)

    That'd be me again – Melonie Kennedy. (Please tell me no cashiers from those days are reading this………) ravenwrites74 AT yahoo DOT com

  65. Melonie K. says

    Last one – the FAQ that helped me most was the sizing. I figured I'd be a size 1 because I haven't "had" my kids vaginally – they were C-sections. But the explanation of the reasons for over 30 years / both types of birthing made sense to me and was a huge help!

  66. I like you on Fb as Abbie Neary
    flutterbyenature at yahoo dot ca

  67. I learned that the DivaCup is the only menstrual cup allowed for sale in Canada by Health Canada.

  68. PotionsPet says

    I haven't really been Embarrassed by my period, more like plagued by HEAVY and Painful ones since I the beginning. I'll do you one better with the story (becuase I can't decide which was quite worse)

    1) When I was younger I was at a sitter's and had packed EVERY pair of underwear I owned 'cuz of my history with this. In one night I had managed to wake myself up and have to change out of all of them! The reaction of the old woman of the house: poor child! -_-* 2) Earlier this year (after an interruption in my birthcontrol), I wound up cramping so hard I puked…needless to say, I'm VERY careful about how my meds are handled now!

  69. got you on Facebook

  70. Name is Heather Osborne

  71. Name is Heather

  72. PotionsPet says

    "liked" the Divacups' page- Heather Osborne

  73. PotionsPet says

    Something I learned from the Divacups website. They addressed my question on large clots and whether it would work with them: The site says to just empty more often then the 12 hours and work out your own routine ^_^ -Heather PotionsPet@hotmail.com

  74. TheLotionQueen says

    @TheLotionQueen's thinking of taking the plunge and trying it! Wait. Maybe "plunge" is the wrong word. :0/

  75. I am a fan of The Diva Cup on FB

  76. I am a fan of The Diva Cup on FB
    Beatriz Fox

  77. I learned that it is necessary to boil your cup once a month after you use it and before you store it.
    beafox19 at satx dot /rr/ dot/ com

  78. simplymerry says

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    subscribed to your feed!

  83. simplymerry says

    i learned that you can skip cleaning it and just wipe it out, whenever you are in a public restroom and need to empty it – this was actually a concern of mine!

  84. simplymerry says

    no embarrassing period stories, but i'm always so embarrassed shopping in the feminine products aisle… I always make sure to pick a female cashier too because that's embarrassing too. I was so embarrassed when i was a teenager and I had to get some when shopping with my dad, and he went to a guy cashier!

  85. I follow you on twitter! I'm @cygirl88

  86. I follow DivaCup on twitter now too! I'm @cygirl88. And my e-mail is:


  87. I like you on Facebook! I'm Ashley Rosener.

  88. I learned that the menstrual cup was first developed in the 1930’s!
    I'm guessing the Diva Cup is an improvement from what was first used 🙂

  89. Following you on Twitter- @monkygrassgreen

  90. Followed you and DivaCup on twitter (I'm Meli554 and my email is melika51 yahoo

  91. I found out that the the Diva cup can hold 30 ml and that a woman's average flow is about 30 to 40 ml!

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