Incredible Firsts

Every time I talk about our recent trip to Walt Disney World or show someone our photos, the word first seems to fall from my lips several times during the conversation. The initial uttering of that word, and really the most significant, is that my family and I were guests for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the very first time. That would be the catalyst for so many other amazing and wonderful moments that were firsts for our family. From our attendance at several magical private events, to Cody’s first time on every single roller coaster in every single park, to our first time enjoying the treat I had heard most about before making this trip, the absolutely refreshing Dole Whip. Nick just mentioned that particular first earlier this evening and declared that the next time we go to Walt Disney World we need to have one every day of our visit. I might just have to indulge him.

I remember feeling so apprehensive and worried about how Cody would react to each roller coaster, like the total darkness of Space Mountain or the fact that you suddenly take a backwards ride once encountering the Yeti on Expedition Everest. My biggest anxiety of all, though, came when he made the huge decision (after much research on YouTube) to ride Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster for the very first time on the last day of our trip. Not only does that one thrust riders from zero to sixty miles per hour in about four seconds, but it also sends them into an intense corkscrew with loud music blaring the entire time. Those would all be firsts for Cody. I’ll admit, his autism adds a level of nervousness for me since once the ride begins, he simply can’t get off until it’s finished. Whether he’s afraid or having the time of his life, it doesn’t end until it ends. For me, that’s too much anxiety, so I stood in line with Paul, Nick, and Cody just in case he decided at the last minute to back out of ride. Secretly I might have been hoping for that. Oh, and I should mention, I don’t go on these rides, everything I know I’ve only heard from Paul and Nick. After they loaded into their limousine, I rushed to the ride exit to wait for them to finish the ride. I tried to distract myself by talking to others, all the while fighting back more tears. I say more because I cried while standing in the line with the guys. I was just overwhelmed with worry. Sometimes loving our kids is gut wrenching and agonizing. Sometimes it’s absolutely incredible, like the moment Cody stepped off the ride and couldn’t stand still because he loved the ride. I mean loved it. And then I bought him a t-shirt to mark the momentous occasion and breathed a sigh of relief because even though I always get really antsy just watching my family board those crazy thrill rides, I’m happy for Cody and all he accomplished on that amazing trip. We all truly had the most wonderful time and I can’t wait to take him and his brother back again…..he’s hoping for April 2013, but I might have other plans, much sooner than that.

Disney Roller Coaster Photos

Aren’t those faces fantastic? They call that fun, I call it crazy with a capital C! Seeing them I know I make the right decision every time I wait at the exit or sit on a bench outside, otherwise I might lose my lunch or my bladder and nobody wants to deal with that kind of mess. You’re welcome, family, you’re welcome.



  1. Every time I see photos from your trip, my sadness about not getting invited abates. I am so glad you got to go and that Cody had such a fabulous time. Crossing my fingers for next year!
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