Delivery Man Movie Starring Vince Vaughn – Exclusive Trailer!

My Nana often says to me, Cathy, you can’t choose your relatives. As a matter of fact, it has been uttered during many of our phone conversations and sometimes I’m even the one who says it every now and then. While it is often stated with a chuckle, there is certainly truth behind it. The reality is that we do not get to choose who we are related to, well the blood relatives anyway, but we can decide which relationships matter most to us. I have always believed that just because you are related to a person, that does not mean they are family to you. We are not always going to have a close connection with someone just because we are biologically related to them and that’s okay. On the other hand, there are those people who we are not only related to, but who we also wish we could spend more time with, if there were only more hours in a day and more weeks in a year.

The man who became by Dad when I was around ten years old was not the man who fathered me, but he took care of my brother and I and provided for us as if we were his own children. I can honestly say there was never a time when I felt like we mattered less because we were not his biological children. We were a family in every sense of the word. We celebrated birthdays and holidays and when my own children were born he became the most wonderful Grampy anyone could ask for, always willing to get down and play or lend a knee for them to bounce on. You see, Cody and Nick never even knew how my family came to be because it simply didn’t matter. They were loved and adored by someone who chose for us to be his family and there is no doubt in my mind that he loved us all very deeply regardless of biology or the name that appears on my birth certificate.

Delivery Man Movie Official Trailer

Now I’m excited to share a very different story about fathering with you. It’s one that involves one of my favorite actors, Vince Vaughn. Just the sight of Vince makes me smile because he’s adorable and hysterical and that, my friends, is a winning combination. Vince is starring in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures and Dreamworks film, Delivery Man, which is about an affable underachiever who finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity. While I’m confident there will be many laughs throughout the movie, I have a feeling there will also be several touching moments as well, and maybe even a need for a tissue or two, as we all take a heartwarming look at what it means to be a family — no matter how unconventional.

And without further ado, I’m beyond thrilled to share these exclusive photos along with the official trailer for Delivery Man, which opens in theaters everywhere on November 22, or as I like to call it, the day before my birthday.

Vince Vaughn Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn Delivery Man movie


Disclosure: Photos and exclusive movie trailer courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures and Dreamworks.


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