Courage – The ability to do something that frightens one. 

That definition seems so simple. I means it’s just eight little words, but when put together they have such powerful meaning.  Courage isn’t a word that I say very often because I feel it’s one of those words that’s used to describe someone who I seriously admire and it’s one that comes with great meaning and strength. Courage is scary, though, and that’s one of the reasons I have such pride for someone who I see acting in such a brave way. I think fear is so often far too gripping for many of us that we stay quiet and allow it to get the best of us, sometimes because it’s just easier than the alternative of stepping up and doing something or speaking out against something (or someone) that is wrong.  In my own life, I’ve always tried to speak up when I feel something isn’t write or I see somebody being treated poorly or unfairly, especially when it’s in a mean spirited, or downright cruel, way. In recent months my husband has showed me just how courageous he can be, more than I’ve even seen in our nearly 20 years of marriage. Even though he was criticized, insulted, and bullied at times, he still spoke up. I’m incredibly proud of him for that. To know him is to know how truly difficult this was for him. Unlike me, he’d rather not challenge anyone or anything because ruffling feathers is my thing, not his. He works super hard to take care of our two sons and myself and I appreciate that more than I probably share with him, but I’ve also always told him that I’d rather be poor and living in a hut than to see him be in a situation where his morals, integrity, and dignity are at risk. I mean that. I mean that for anyone else, too. I believe there’s truly no amount of money that’s worth losing yourself to poor treatment.

Most importantly, I love the example that Paul is setting for our children. His strength is amazing and they are lucky to have him as their father and I’m pretty lucky, too, to have him for my husband.

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