Chips are Clearly Bad for your Health!

Kids will be kids. They will. And no matter how much of your wisdom you try to pass on to them, sometimes they just have to figure it out themselves, no matter how much it hurts! This reminds of a story that I love to tell about my brother because (1)it’s funny and (b)it’s a great learning experience, in a twisted sort of way.

For this story we travel back in time, almost 20 years. The best part is that I remember every single detail like it was yesterday, possibly because I am evil and this was practially the best laugh of my childhood!

So it went a little like this! One beautiful summer day a long time ago a young girl and her younger brother set out on a bike ride. On this particular day the little brother was being annoying(as a younger sibling can be) and decided it would be fun to follow his older sister around to drive her NUTS all day long and especially during her bike ride. Stay with me, I promise it gets better! Afterall, do you really think a simple bike ride could be, well, funny?

Big sister grabs a baggie filled with potato chips(she snacks way more healthy nowadays) and, of course, so did little brother. Let the official bike ride and “incident” commence. Down the road they went, no helmets because that is just how they rolled back then. Didn’t wear sealbelts, either, and our parents smoked in the car while we drove down the rode free and loose in the back seat…..and we turned out fine! Ha! Who says we did? Anyway, back to the hilarity, I mean devastating accident.
Chips on one handlebar and brother on her ass, off she went sailing down the road. Maybe I didn’t mention as part of the little brother’s plan, he decided to copy EVERYTHING that his sister did. Every little thing. At almost the same exact time. And so it goes….she grabbed some chips and so did he….well, not really! You see, HE was turning a corner when his copycat behavior took over and you guessed it, down he went. On the pavement, bike in the middle of the road, chips scattered everywhere(wasteful little troll), there he was screaming some crazy talk at his sister that went a little like this “my arm’s broke, my arm’s broke” while holding his arm with the other hand. With the best empathy she could muster up, big sis says something like this: “Please! Come on! Get up, and for God’s sake, get your damn bike out of the rode or you will definitely get grounded for this! And, yeah, I can twist my arm like that too. See, look!”
Okay, so as he got a bit closer it became a bit more clear that maybe he actually was hurt…..maybe, but this would certainly need to be confirmed by someone with a medical degree because he was totally messing with his sister’s plan for a laid back lazy summer day! So it turned out he did break his arm and got to sit in the front seat of the car(unbuckled, of course)for the ride to the hospital, which he will tell you was the BEST part about breaking his arm. Weirdo!

Clearly, the moral of this story is that chips are horribly bad for your health.


  1. Oh clearly they are! Funny story about your bro! Thanks for the great feedback about being a SAHM!

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