Priorities, No Excuses, & My Burpee Challenge Update

Do you know someone who always seems to have an excuse for everything? I’ve definitely encountered more than a few people like that over the years and it’s probably not an accident they aren’t in my life anymore. I’m a firm believer in the mantra No Excuses and I try to live by it every day. It’s my opinion that if something (or someone) matters to you you’ll find a way and if not you’ll find an excuse, or maybe a few. I think it simply boils down to priorities and that’s not meant to be mean or judgmental, but rather an honest observation. I read something that challenged me to replace the statement I don’t have time for that with that’s not a priority for me and it really opened my eyes. I think when we blurt out that we wish we had time for something that someone else expresses they do regularly it comes across like we believe the other person’s life is easy and that it must be nice they have a lot of extra time on their hands. I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of statement and it comes across really negative and sometimes even hurtful, depending on the tone and who’s saying it. Mostly, though, I just think we have different priorities and that’s not a bad thing.

No Excuses

One area that I strongly live by the No Excuses rule is when it comes to exercise and fitness, which is why it was really hard for me to give up on the Burpee Challenge I started at the beginning of the month. First of all, I have some physical limitations, I’m 46 (GASP), and I’m not as fit as I’d like to be. Instead of using any of those as an excuse not to join the challenge I instead used them to make small modifications so I could still participate successfully every day. That decision was really smart because it was just enough for me to complete the 50 burpees every day without being in pain while also pushing myself and getting a little uncomfortable in the process. I loved the challenge and was looking forward to modifying things a little bit every week and keeping track of my progress throughout the month. And then I got sick. I mean, I’ve exercised and I’ve gone for a run when I wasn’t feeling 100% well, but this illness was kicking my butt. The first day I managed through the burpees, but the next day I just couldn’t physically do it and my brain decided to listen to the strong message my body was sending and I decided to allow it the rest it needed. I know that was the smart and right thing to do, but it wasn’t an easy decision since I live by that whole No Excuses rule. I’d be the first person to tell someone else to listen to their body if it needs rest, but it’s a whole lot more challenging to practice what I preach, especially when failing at a challenge is at stake.

I beat myself up for a few days over this whole thing, but in the end I know it was the best thing to do at the time. Even though I won’t complete the burpee challenge this month I’m back to my regular workouts and running again and I’m already thinking about a future fitness challenge for myself. It won’t necessarily be another burpee challenge, but it will definitely be something I succeed at because No Excuses, gosh darn it.


  1. Haha I love your tee! I really wish excuses burned calories because I’d be thin and fit! Congrats on sticking to your challenge!
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