I Bought an iPad Mini, But so Far All I’ve Done is Harass Siri

I’ve had an iPad for the past three years. I should be more specific. I’ve a first generation iPad for the past three years, until today. I finally saw a deal I couldn’t resist and decided to break up with my classic edition of Apple’s first tablet and upgrade to a much newer model. The thing is, I’m frugal when it comes to a lot of things and since I had actually won my first iPad, having to pay anything out of pocket for a new device has always made me cringe. It’s also the main reason I probably held on to the dinosaur for so long and just admired newer versions from afar. It seems like every retailer offers an electronics trade-in program, but alas, the first generation iPad has always been excluded. Pretty rude and discriminatory if you ask me, especially since it could technically be considered an antique. Oh right, electronic antiques don’t always get the same respect as those in the automobile world. Okay, I’ll stop whining about that now because this week was the week when one company finally came through and offered a trade-in opportunity that was simply too good to ignore.

First, I backed up my iPad, erased everything, especially my personal information and drove top speed to the nearest Target location. That location happens to be an hour away, but that’s okay because there’s also a Starbucks inside the store, so the trip was worth it on many levels. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with how smooth of a process it was to trade-in my ancient iPad for a $200 Target gift card (which could have been used for anything in the store) and finally get the upgrade we all know I deserved. We did have to make a quick drive to a different Target store to get the iPad mini that I wanted, but it was totally worth it. So far I’ve restored my information from the Cloud, updated to iOS 7 and amused myself by chatting with Siri and asking her outrageous questions that she so rudely refuses to answer. However, she has informed me I’ll need a raincoat for the weather tomorrow, entertained me with a couple of cheesy jokes and agreed to call me “Her Ladyship” from now on. I’m obviously using my iPad to its fullest potential.

So tell  me…..what is your favorite question to ask Siri?


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