Boston Duck Tour – A Must-Do When Visiting Boston

Boston Duck Tour conDUCKtor

We recently took a short family trip to Boston and even though we were only there for two days, we managed to pack in a good amount of sight-seeing as we soaked in a big little city that we love so much. I already shared how important it was for me to visit the Holocaust Memorial while we were there, but we did a few other things that are worth mentioning.

I had personally done a Boston Duck Tour many years ago, but Paul, Cody and Nick had not so I thought it would be a fun way to start our two-day visit back in August. I will start off by saying I highly recommend doing the tour before anything else and right at the beginning of your stay in Boston because even though we had been to Boston several times before this visit, it was nice to see several of the landmarks and to use the tour as a guide to plan the rest of our short stay. There is a lot to see (over 30 famous landmarks), so pay close attention and maybe even plan to take notes. Our “conDUCKtor” was fun, colorful and a little entertaining, but she talked a little fast at times and I felt like she was rushing through the tour and her script, but for the most part I understood and followed along just fine. Getting into the water is probably the favorite part of the tour for everyone, especially the kids since this is when they ALL get a chance to “drive” the boat. The tour guide gave them each a minute or two in the driver’s seat, invited parents to take photos and sent each child away with a handful of stickers. They were all most definitely pleased and absolutely adorable I might add. I tried to convince my guys to go up and steer the boat, but they were party poopers and opted to stay in their seats because they are obviously way too cool and old for that kind of silliness.

Planning a Boston Duck Tour

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a Boston Duck Tour for your family:

Figure out which departure location is most convenient to where you are staying in the city and do this before you head to the city. We were fortunate and stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance of the Museum of Science pick-up location, which made it super easy, plus we saved money on a cab ride or public transportation.

The tour is long, so plan accordingly, especially if you have younger kiddos. There is not bathroom on the vehicle and there is no stopping once you take off from the departure location, which could pose a challenge since the tour lasts 80 minutes, with a condensed 65-minute option as well.

Anyone who is a Veteran of the U.S. Military is invited to sign the ceiling of the vehicle. I’m truly disappointed I didn’t insist that Paul leave his mark, so please make sure you do or if you are traveling with a Veteran make sure they do because your hard work and sacrifice deserves recognition.

Thank your conDUCKtor when you disembark the tour vehicle and if you think they did an amazing job, give them a tip as a show of gratitude.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket for the tour and my family’s tickets were discounted, but opinions are always my own. 


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