When the Right Thing for Your Family Is More Bitter Than Sweet


Have you ever wanted to look forward to something, but couldn’t feel fully excited about it because you’re entire family isn’t able to do it with you? That’s basically how I’m feeling right now and it kind of stinks. I know we’ve made the best decision and I know as it gets closer to the actual event I’ll allow myself to be happy about it, but right now all I can feel is more of the bitter and less of the sweet. It’s more difficult than I expected because it’s something we’ve only ever done together, all four of us, but this time we have to put the needs of a family member above everything else and so two of us will be staying home. Believe me, I know there are bigger problems I could have to worry about, but I’m feeling a little sad right now and I’m hoping getting the thoughts out of my head and onto the screen might help. Maybe a little bit.

Making Adult Decisions is Hard

I’ve certainly traveled a great deal by myself, but this is different because I’ll be traveling with one of my family members to a place we’ve only ever been to as a family. A place where we have wonderful memories. A place where this time there will only be two of us in all of the photos and only two of us will be making memories together. I have no doubt it will be amazing and magical and unforgettable, but I’ll miss the two who are here at home. I’ll miss them like crazy, but I know we’ll do it again together in the future. When everyone’s ready, we’ll do it again.

Just because I’d like to end on a good note, please tell me something you like to do or someplace you like to go with your family?



  1. When we don’t travel to see family, my sons and I stick close to home and go to the movies every now and then. When I get my finances more straightened out, I hope to start taking us out to dinner once a week…or at least once a pay period 🙂 And maybe we can do some real traveling by the time grandkids come along. Hopefully that’s not for a while yet.
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  2. Adulting definitely isn’t easy. You sure are right about that! But it sounds like you are peace with your decision which is most important!

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