The Big Bang Theory Premieres Tonight & I’m a TV Junkie

I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I love watching television and I realized today when glancing at the upcoming recordings on my DVR that I like a LOT of television. If I have to say goodbye to summer then I at least want something to look forward to other than food treats containing pumpkin and apple, so to say I’m ridiculously excited for my favorite fall premieres would be a gross understatement. Emphasis on ridiculously.

You know what excites me even more than new seasons of my favorite shows? Watching those shows together as a family. I don’t know about you, but getting my teenagers to sit and watch something with me is next to impossible unless I bribe them with a pizza and a big bag of Skittles and then that’s not even a guarantee. Tonight though, tonight we will all crowd around the television for not one, but TWO new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and there will probably be special food involved and I’ll most likely be hoping the time goes by really slowly because the moment the final credits play Nick will be back in his bedroom playing video games and Cody will be in his room trying to find something to watch on Netflix. Oh how I wish there were new episodes of Big Bang Theory on every night of the week.

Aside from The Big Bang Theory there are SO many other great shows premiering this week and just to prove what a TV junkie I am I decided to share which ones I’m looking forward to the most!

  • Monday – The Big Bang Theory and Gotham
  • Tuesday – Nothing right now, but I’ll admit to being slightly curious about Selfie.
  • Wednesday – Modern Family and Survivor
  • Thursday – Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal *Possibly Bad Judge*
  • Friday – The Amazing Race (Yay for something on Friday night!)

Okay, I seriously hope I haven’t forgotten anything and if I have I REALLY hope whatever I’ve forgotten is available to watch OnDemand. There’s only one thing left to do and that is make sure I have plenty of popcorn for the week and fresh batteries for the remote control.

How about you? What fall premieres are you looking forward to the most? I realize it’s hard to pick just one, which is why I can totally understand if you need to rattle off three or seven of your favorite shows.

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