Autism Awareness – I is for Intervention

What a busy month it’s been.  It’s autism awareness for the entire month of April, plus Earth Day is this month. I have several giveaways this week so please check out those, too, while you are here.  Next in my acronym for the word autism is I is for intervention.
As I mentioned in the original post for Autism Awareness, this acronym is specific to my family, but also helpful for many others.  Intervention is so important and the earlier the better in relation to autism.  There is so much out there for parents to decipher and it can be overwhelming to figure out the best “fit”- from therapies to diet.  Since every child is truly different and responds differently to each and every one, the best you can do is try something and see if you see benefits for your child. Here are the different things we tried for our son (some with better results than others):

  • Speech Therapy – I believe every child with autism benefits
  • Occupational Therapy – Another that’s great for most kids
  • ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis – the BEST results for Cody
  • GFCF (gluten/casein-free) diet- some benefits

This is just a snapshot of what we have tried over the course of the last 12-13 years for interventions with Cody.  There are many, many others, but these are the ones we have attempted over the years.  Honestly, it never stops.  As a parent of a child with autism I am always wondering if there’s something more I could be doing. 
 If you have specific questions about any of these, please leave a comment or feel free to email me and I will help the best I can.


  1. Thanks a lot for the blog post. Really looking forward to reading more.

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