A Visit to the Airport – The Best Kind of Community Outing

You may remember from earlier this week  that I wasn’t at all happy with the decision of my son’s teacher to take the students on a community outing to the local McDonald’s.  If you missed it, you can read my post about that here.  As you could also see from the comments, I shared that I decided to have Cody dismissed early from school at the time the rest of the class would be leaving for their outing.  It was to be the last activity of the school day so it worked out well that I didn’t have to pick him up and then bring him back again.  I decided we were going to have our own outing to a destination that is an absolute favorite of Cody’s and only about a five minute drive down the road from his school.  We went to the local airport.  It is a quaint little airport with very little traffic so it’s a wonderful place to go sit on the deck of their building while soaking up some sunshine and waiting (hoping, if you are Cody) for the occasional airplane to take-off or land.  When we first pulled into the parking lot, Cody immediately spied something a little out of the ordinary for this airport.  A jet. Yes, it’s true.  Like I mentioned, this is a small airport where the activity is usually that of little planes that seat two to maybe six people, I think.  This is the sight that got him pumped for this visit to the airport:

We spent a minute or two gazing in awe at this large airplane.  Listen, if you are with Cody, you can’t help but feel his excitement over what others may consider “little” things. So, yes, we gazed in awe at that jet!  We then made our way over to the deck area of the building where you have a wonderful view of the several airplanes that are parked at the airport and also, a perfect view of the runway as well.  I suggested to Cody that we go inside the office and ask if there was to be any “activity” in the near future.  We were met with several smiling faces, all of which were thrilled to see Cody and they all immediately chimed in with a “Hello” and a comment about how tall he is,  and the manager came over for a handshake.  This definitely wasn’t Cody’s first time at the airport.  Last year he was visiting on an almost daily basis and they all know of his special needs and always make a point of stopping what they are doing to acknowledge him and encourage a social exchange.  These are hugely important, huge. He had some great interactions and, of course, they knew what we were there for as soon as they saw his face.  Sandy, the airport manager, told us we were just in time as he was about to go up for a flying lesson with a student.  Oh, the excitement of our excellent timing!  We went back outside and plopped down into a couple of chairs to wait for the action.  With that, we soaked up our daily dose of healthy Vitamin D.  Thank you Mr. Sunshine!  I loved the smile on Cody’s face and could feel his eager excitement as he awaited the sight of an airplane about to take-off or land.  It’s really quite magical.  He teaches great lessons in appreciating the joy found in the little things.
We didn’t spend any money or have to travel far from home.  We simply sat, taking in the views and sounds of the airport and chatting about how cool it was going to be when the airplane headed out to the runway.  We had a spectacular view from our chairs, which was literally less than 50 feet away from the fenced area where the plane that would be used for the purpose of the lesson was parked.  Finally, after what seemed like forever (if you are Cody, anyway), Sandy and  his student headed outside and into the airplane. Oh, did I mention that that airplane is Cody’s favorite and anytime we are driving in the car and he sees it in the sky, we all must look!  Not at all surprising since it’s his favorite color!
They did their usual safety checks, called for the “all clear” and away they went.  From our spot, we watched as they taxied down the runaway, lifted off into the sky, and ultimately touched back down on the runway.  What is really cool about watching during a lesson is that they don’t just take off and fly away.  They practice take-offs and landings, which is what Cody loves to see, and he got to see several on that day.  All in all, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I am happy with my decision to dismiss him from school and have the time with him and for him to see some faces he is familiar with in his local community!


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    that is incredable that something that is unspectacular to us can mean so much to kids we too have a big and a small airport where we live and when my kids were younger my middle son used to love to just go there and watch the plane take off and land. he used to be able to lay in the grass outide of the smaller one and just be in awe.

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