A Simple Thank You

I have been very fortunate to win some great products in recent months online and I feel very grateful for all of them, regardless of their size or value.  One of my favorites was from Powder Room Graffiti (and not just because of the awesome prize potential, either) because one of the forms of entering was by commenting on articles on their site.  Not just crappy comments to get an entry, but something meaningful, like I had actually read the article.  You know what I mean, right?  Well, this was a challenge as many entries for contests don’t often take so much time and effort, but I will admit, I did like the prize, but I also wanted to get to know them a little better and spend more time reading their articles, so this contest was the boost I needed.  I have to tell you, if you want to laugh or talk about topics that get you a little squirmy in your chair, you should be subscribed to their posts. It is truly a fun forum with a tell-it-like-it-is approach to pretty much every topic, which I love!
When the day came for them to announce the winner of the prize (wait, I haven’t actually told you what that prize was, have I?) Okay, it was an iPad……just a little ol’ iPad.  I know, no big deal!) Ha!  Who am I kidding!?  I mean, we aren’t really even an Apple family (unless you count that Apple is ALL my kids use at school), but I have always been really curious about the iPad since it’s release and jokes over the name choice, to seeing many of my friends talk about theirs on Twitter.  Yes, I was certainly having a little bit of tech envy, for sure.  And then the Oh my God Dear Cathy, you probably won’t believe this, but you won the freaking iPad email came to my inbox – so maybe it wasn’t worded quite like that, but pretty close.  There was lots of shrieking and dancing in the living room.  Yes, we do that a lot around here!
Here’s the super cool added bonus!  Not only was I informed of winning this fabulous prize just a few days before leaving for New York City and BlogHer, but they were going to be there too and wanted to hand me my prize in person!  Hell yes, save on the shipping…..gimme that sweet little gadget and hug me and we’ll become life long friends.  So we did, meet that is.  Johno and Diane are absolutely awesome and fun and I even bumped into them a few more times during my stay.  These were definitely among some of my most spectacular memories while being at BlogHer. Thanks again Powder Room Graffiti!

P.S. I promise to share some reviews of the iPad in the future……we are all still getting to know our new little friend and all it has to offer.
Disclosure:  Although I won this fabulous prize from Powder Room Graffiti, they did not ask me to write this post.  I simply wanted to share my gratitude and excitement over meeting them in person.

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