A little Disney surprise

We’ve been to Walt Disney World two times as a family. Both times Paul and I surprised the kids at the very last minute. Seeing their faces was priceless, knowing in that very moment they would be leaving for the most magical place on earth. I love surprises, but I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s hard having all that excitement bottled up inside not able to tell the ones who it will bring the most joy. I mentioned recently that we will be going to the World again, in April. I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and I couldn’t be happier to take my family on this amazing journey with me. This time the kids both know we are going, but I so very much wanted it to be a surprise again. However, Cody was asking me, pleading really (in the saddest, most defeated voice ever) every single day if we could go to Walt Disney World. Our last trip was at the end of 2007 and since then it’s all he’s thought about. My heart began to break as I constantly assured him that I wanted to go too, and we would…..soon. I hoped. When I read the invite I knew I had to tell him right away. I simply couldn’t bear to hear that heartbreak in his voice any longer. It’s now been replaced with, again every single day, We’re going to Walt Disney World…..in April, and each and every day he walks over and flips the calendar to April to see that it’s still written there as if he’s worried it will just disappear. There’s no more heartbreak or sadness in his voice. There’s only sheer excitement and every time he makes the announcement it puts a smile on my face and we watch the Vacation Planning DVD, or look through photos from our last trip, or flip through the souvenir book that sits on our coffee table and we all share in his excitement at the amazing adventure that’s coming very soon.

Oh, but there’s more.

In planning for the trip and looking at flights I quickly realized that it would be best to arrive in Orlando the day before the conference begins so that we can get settled and relax a bit before the incredible fun begins, so I booked those flights, but I haven’t changed the date on the calendar or updated the iPad app and I have not told the kids. Paul and I just giggle with our inside secret every time Cody walks over to the calendar and says we’re leaving on that particular day in April, when in fact, we are going to wake he and Nick up for school the day before only to tell them we are heading to the airport to begin our adventure a little early. It won’t be the complete surprise we had hoped for, but if nothing else, missing one more day of school will surely win me huge bonus points. Especially with Nick.

P.S. Shhhhhhhh


  1. I love Disney but have never been, you are so lucky to have got that invite.

    When I was a kid my mum used to promise me we would go one day when I was a kid but we never got round to it, now I have a job and have been working for a few years I am going to pay for us both to go even though I am in my 20s now! I think its fitting we will finally get to go under these circumstances!

  2. You are one AWESOME mom! I do the surprise thing with my kids all the time…now that they are older 12-14 they get really annoyed when I surprise them. Just cause they want to plan for it and pack themselves and such. So I may have to change my surprising ways.. 🙁

    • Thanks for the compliment! My kids are 13 and 17, but I can get most everything done the night before and since we get up pretty early for school, we can finish in the morning before leaving for airport.

  3. That is going to blow their minds! Awesome. Even though I’m still depressed that I won’t be joining you there… you can talk about how awesome I am loudly, okay?

  4. Disney land is one of the spotted destination for spending with vacations, because most lovely parents wanted to witness the happiness on the faces of their children…

  5. We are already prepared for our trip in Disneyland, in fact my children is so excited to be in witness that beautiful place…

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