8th Grade

I vaguely remember 8th grade. I know it was an awkward time for me. I had friends, but I don’t remember really feeling completely comfortable in my own skin. Today is Nick’s first day of 8th grade and he was actually eager to get back to school and even asked to arrive early this morning. I’m betting that will last about a week, once he’s all caught up with his friends and the homework starts piling up. The most important thing for me was making sure he was ready for 8th grade. By that I mean that he had school supplies, new clothes, and new shoes. While I’ve always expressed that he should always just be himself and not change for anyone in order to make a friend, I also realize that what you wear makes a difference in how you feel and how confident you are and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m happy to buy him the brands that he asks for, but you can bet I’ll will be searching for a sale and making sure I have a coupon when we enter the store. He’s gotten pretty used to that and realizes that his Mom is a little crazy, but he knows that we are also on a budget and it’s just the way it has to happen if he wants something specific that might be more expensive than I would normally like to spend. Seriously, I’d sell off half of my own worn out wardrobe in order to clothe my children. I don’t say that to seem like some sort of standout parent, but it’s worth every sacrifice I make in order to take care of my kids and buy the occasional pair of Gap jeans and DC shoes. Mostly though, I want Nick to know that if friends are authentic and true, they are your friend no matter what you wear or how you look. Actually, those are probably the kinds of friends to last a lifetime. He has a couple of friends that I feel carry those traits and I’m so happy for that, so very much. I can’t wait until he gets home today and I can hear about how the first day of school went and how great it was to see all of his friends and maybe make a new one (or two).

The best part of Nick’s first day of school for me? That he leaned in and gave me a kiss goodbye when I dropped him off this morning. Right there in the parking lot of the school where everyone could see. Oh, and I got an I love you, Mom, too. It’s moments like that when I feel very lucky and proud that I’m doing something right when it comes to raising this wonderful young man.

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