7 Ways to Beat Treadmill Boredom

Treadmill Boredom Busters

Lately I’ve been spending way more time on my treadmill and a lot less time at the track. I miss the track. I especially miss warm summer days, sunshine, tank tops, and shorts, but since it’s going to be a while before I can enjoy those kinds of days I’m trying to find ways to still get in a workout without going bored and crazy. I definitely don’t want to avoid working out just because the treadmill isn’t nearly as fun as running and walking outside, so I try to make it as bearable as possible since I spend several minutes every day racking up miles on my favorite piece of furniture.

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Here are a few ways I like to keep treadmill workouts interesting while adding in a little variety to break up the monotony.

  1. Face the treadmill in the direction of a screen, like a television. While many people might find this practical approach a little too tacky, I find it’s the best way to keep me motivated to reach my fitness goals. The best part about this placement is that we have a house rule that allows whoever is on the treadmill complete control over the remote control. Sometimes rules are fun.
  2. Switch up the incline. Not only is it more challenging, but having to work harder gives me a little variety every now and then and helps prevent boredom.
  3. Listen to music. If I’m home alone I often crank up the volume on my iPad and listen to my favorite channel on Pandora, but if Paul or the kids are home I sometimes pop in my ear buds and listen to my favorite playlist.  Not only does the music motivate me, but it also reminds of warmer days spent at the track.
  4. Read a book, magazine, or your favorite blog. I don’t often read while I’m on the treadmill, but it’s a great way to help pass the time while getting in a workout.
  5. Switch between walking and running. Not only is this one good for burning more calories, but it’s also a great way to stay focused more on your workout and less on the clock. 
  6. Cover up the clock display on the treadmill. I usually toss a towel over my display because watching the timer is like watching a pot of water come to a boil. Boring with a capital HURRY UP ALREADY.
  7. Text, Tweet to me, or send a private message to a friend. Not everyone is coordinated enough for this one, but I find it’s sometimes a really great way to distract myself from the clock. It’s also a great way to ask for a little encouragement when I’m lacking motivation and need a little push to keep me going.

Do you ever workout on a treadmill or do you avoid it because it’s too boring? What’s your favorite way to keep things interesting because I’ll take all the tips I can get!

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