7 Ideas to Add Some Green to Your Life!

My favorite question about being green is about how to replace things you currently use with more “greener” choices. It is so easy to make small changes that are not only green, but will feel good on your wallet, too. Honestly, I am not green because I have money to spend on fancy things like solar panels, or wind turbines, but instead because it means less toxicity for my family and a way to actually save some money. Here is a list of some of my favorite easy changes to a greener home for you and your family:

  • Replace harsh laundry detergents with soap nuts(I know….it sounds naughty, right? I love the name and the giggles I get when I talk about them, but they are the BEST for laundry!
  • Stop buying paper towels and tear up some old clothes into rags(you know, the ones at the bottom of the dresser drawer that you shove aside because you can’t wear them or donate them? Yeah, those are the ones. Tear them up!)
  • Instead of paper napkins use cloth napkins! I am always on the lookout for sales and have paid as little as $.50 for cloth napkins. I have several now to choose from that we rotate through and it is fun at parties when the guests see our stack of fun choices to pick from.
  • Ever looked at the spray cleaners under your sink or in your bathroom? Can you pronounce the ingredients? Or do they say “use in ventilated area?” Yeah, this is not good. I have been making my own for well over a year and will never switch back. Here is my recipe if you are interested!!
  • One of the biggest harms to the envirionment and your wallet is buying bottled water. You don’t, though, right? Seriously? Okay, well STOP….now! Instead, buy reusable water bottles in different designs/colors for each family member and a water filter and just fill them and go. If you only pick one item from the list or need to just start with one, I challenge you to do this one!
  • Earth Day, which happens in April is all great and stuff, but what about beyond that? Just decided to make permanent changes instead!
  • A major thing for me was to give up the drive through window at the coffee shop! This was killing us financially and sometimes it didn’t even taste that great. Now, I only brew my own coffee(organic and fair trade of course) and fill my travel mug when heading out. Okay, fine….I do enjoy a TREAT every now and then. I love a great Cafe Mocha!

These are just some of the ways you can move toward a greener and even frugal life. I’d rather have more money for the fun stuff, than spend it on stuff like water and paper towels. If you have an idea I haven’t mentioned, please share!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Cathy, these were great tips. I'd already worked a couple of these into our everyday life (my coffee is MUCH better than drive thru now), but found a couple more that I can easily fit our lifestyle. Good stuff and super easy. Oh, what are soap nuts and where can I get them?

  2. Thats so great! Glad to hear you already do some of the suggestions I made! Soap nuts are actually berries and used for laundry(if you click the link in the post, you can learn more, but they are also in some health food stores)

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