5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Being Green

So many people argue that it isn’t easy to add a little “green” in their lives.  I’ve decided they could be on to something…here’s why it might be a waste of your time to live a little more eco-friendly.

  1. Living more green could mean you rival the family pet for who has the most body hair.
  2. Remembering to bring your reusable shopping bags to the store with you is a pain in the ass – especially the ones that fold up nicely and FIT IN YOUR HANDBAG!
  3. Recycling is a pain in the neck…..what with the less trash for your garbage can and all that time it takes to organize.
  4. It’s so inconvenient to fill a reusable water bottle and bring it with you when you leave home.  I am sure it’s much easier to toss a plastic one in that overflowing pile you already have since you only have time to recycle them once a month. Wait! If you have a pile that large, you probably don’t recycle them at all, do you?  I need more wine.
  5. And the final reason it would just be too challenging to live more green?  Because cleaning with non-toxic products means you actually use your muscles more to get out the dirt and we all know anything remotely related to exercise is simply crazy talk, right?


  1. you kill me. YOu for got to add what a pain it is to waste time buying and carrying those water bottles into the house. Carrying the recycling out to the garage can be quite taxing too, you know?


  2. Soapnutter says

    Sad thing is I know so many people who'd be nodding and agreeing with you…

  3. Too Funny, love it!

  4. Love your sense of humor. My mom was recycling back in the '50s. When I outgrew lunch boxes and started taking my lunch to school in paper bags, she'd reuse bags. Every other kid came to school with lunch in a crisp new bag each day. Except me. It was embarrassing. Of course, now I'm proud of her.

  5. Alfredliveshere says

    Okay that is really funny… good spin!

  6. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Oh, I know! Some people totally would miss the humor/sarcasm in all of it!

  7. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Oh my! The 50's? That's amazing……so funny, too, how our views change when we, umm, grow up into big girls! LOL

  8. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Thanks! I would rather make someone laugh and have a point than to sound all "preachy"……would NEVER want to do that. 😉

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