5 Must-Haves For My Non-Toxic Kitchen

Have you been here recently and thought, geesh, she writes about a whole lot, but where are the green posts?
I realized recently that there are many things I do and many products I use on a daily basis, but I don’t always talk about them or even blog about them.  I decided to take it room by room and share with you some of my favorites for a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and green household.  Let’s start with the kitchen!

First and foremost, the one thing you will NOT find in my kitchen, is chemicals of any kind.  It’s so safe that I would not worry if a little toddler went under my sink and accidentally ingested something.  I’m serious!  Actually, there isn’t much of anything at all under my kitchen sink.  Here are the staples you will find there:

  • Bon Ami – Best can of white powder cleanser you can have.  Eco-friendly and green before green was even a “category” on store shelves. Oh gosh, I could go on, but you should just click on over to their site and see it for yourself.

  • Homemade Furniture Polish – I have a small spray bottle and it simply has olive oil and orange essential oil in it.  Smells amazing and makes surfaces look beautiful! Oh, and it’s safe to breathe for you, the kids, and your pets.

  • Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Tablets – Honestly, this varies a bit for me, and some brands aren’t that great.  Let me share what you do not want in your dishwashing detergent.  Make sure the package says no bleach and no phosphates.  Both are horrible for you, your family, and the environment.  Clean dishes are possible without them.  I promise.  I have tried several brands and have had pretty decent luck with the Method Smarty Dish product.

*Time for a brief break to ask you, no tell you, to please remove bleach from your home.  It’s bad news for so many reasons and if you need to know why, leave me a comment asking me why, and I will gladly share with you.  Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled non-toxic kitchen post.

  • Dishwashing Liquid – My favorite, by far, for the price and quality and the integrity of the company, is Seventh Generation.  Check them out, seriously, their commitment to the planet is pretty amazing.  For me, though, I love their commitment in general, to providing a safe, non-toxic product for us consumers.

  • Spray Bottle of Homemade Cleaner – That’s right.  I do not buy commercial cleaners or even a brand of the eco-friendly cleaners.  Instead, I have a spray bottle that I refill from my “recipe” which is here if you want to check it out.

Okay, that’s pretty much everything in my non-toxic kitchen when it comes to cleaning supplies.  In another post, I will share how I have a healthy, mostly organic kitchen as well, on a very tight budget.  Any questions?  Something you can’t live without in your kitchen for cleaning?  Please share!  Something “chemical” that you would like to give up, but not sure what to replace it with?  Ask away!  Please leave me a comment! I love comments and I love questions, too.


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