40 Days

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the totally awesome event(s) that will be occurring in just forty days from now. Like, I’m talking hugely big deal of the most fuzzy celebratory kind. As in, three really big happenings all on the very same day. No, it’s not yet another release of a new phone by the company named after a fruit, this is way bigger than that. I’m not even talking about the creation of another super yummy flavor by Ben and Jerry’s. I’m talking more like birthdays and a movie release, like big deal birthdays and an unbelievably fun movie release. Okay, I’m done building the suspense, mostly because if I don’t get this written it will become 35 days instead of 40 and will totally ruin the fun of my title. See, the 40 is a bit significant because we are 40 days from all this awesome, but also because one of the birthdays happens to be mine and it happens to be my 40th!! I know what you’re thinking. I don’t look a day over 29 and I love you for thinking that’s the case, but my milestone birthday is hardly the most exciting part of what’s happening just 40 days from today. It also happens to be my Cody’s birthday. Yup, he burst from my loins on my 23rd birthday and it was just as blissful as you’d imagine spending your birthday. NOT AT ALL. Now though, after the fact, it’s pretty darn special and I love that I was given my first son as a birthday present nearly 40 years ago. So, let’s recap. We have two birthdays to celebrate in just 40 days, one of which happens to be a pretty big milestone and the other happens to be just plain special, but I mentioned something else, too, didn’t I?? A movie release. Here’s a hint: there’s a frog and a pig whose love affair (mostly in her imagination) spans many years. She’s plump and beautiful and he’s well, petite, and handsome. If that hint didn’t give it away you might have been living under a rock and we probably shouldn’t be friends anymore because if you didn’t know I was talking about Kermit and Miss Piggy, there’s probably no hope for you, and I’m thinking your life is not at all exciting. Of course none of that is the case, though, and you immediately thought OMG, it’s Cathy and Cody’s birthdays AND there’s a new Muppet movie all on the same day, how totally awesome is that!?!? That’s what makes you so awesome and sweet and why I love you so very much and just must share this super fun trailer from the upcoming Muppet movie! Enjoy.

P.S. I love cupcakes and coffee and electronic gadgets, but this was hardly about me and my milestone 40th birthday that happens 40 days from today.



  1. Wow! So much to look forward to!!:)

  2. Umm, been there. Kind of a non-event. I hope yours is more exciting!
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    • What?! You’ve been there already? You hardly look like you’re in your 30’s, let alone 40’s. I’m usually so focused on Cody and it being his birthday, I almost forget it’s my own, so I’m not expecting anything too special.


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