4 Mood Boosters to Get Through a Gloomy Winter Day

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is tough for me. Some days are fine, but others are just plain awful. The lack of sunshine and the increase in cold temperatures seem to team up as they attempt to knock me and my mood down for the count. On a better day I might simply feel a little blah and more tired than usual with worse ones leaving me feeling like I don’t have anyone I can count on and am a failure at everything I try to accomplish. I hate it when that feeling takes over because I’d like to consider myself a generally positive person, so much so that it annoys my son at times, which is why I try really hard to push through the “funk” and force my way out of the negativity. It’s certainly not always easy , but I’ve come up with a few things that help me when I’m feeling a little down and/or blue.

Mood Boosters

  1. Step away from social media. Let’s be honest. While social media is a wonderful place to connect with friends, family, and colleagues and share in the many joys of life, it can also be a place of negativity. Some days I just don’t want to see people celebrating achievements or whining about their life and I don’t feel about that and neither should anyone else.
  2. Take more Vitamin D. It’s a known fact that we get less exposure to sunshine during the winter months, which is the best source of Vitamin D, so I take a supplement because it not only helps with mood but it also boosts your immune system.
  3. Turn on my favorite Pandora stations and crank up the volume. Music is truly one of the best ways I’ve found to boost my mood, especially when it’s Salt -n- Pepa, Adam Levine, or Pitbull singing through my speakers. Add a few minutes of dancing in my kitchen and I’ll be smiling in no time.
  4. Last but most definitely not least is exercise. I don’t necessarily mean a 2-hour workout because something as simple as a brisk 30-minute walk with my dog is often enough to get my blood flowing, force some oxygen into my lungs, and leave me feeling like I can tackle at least some of the day’s challenges. Plus, this one burns calories, so yeah, bonus!

I know there are probably a bunch of other great ways to get through a difficult day, but these are definitely some of my favorites since rushing to summer simply isn’t an option.


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