31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Day 6

Are you still with me on the challenge I started to improve my blog?  This was a more in depth day of homework so it took a while to really give it the attention I wanted to. The assignment was in two parts:
First we needed to learn from successful bloggers.  There are many, but I visited a few and dug in by reading, reading, reading, and taking lots of notes.  Some suggestions I took and made as I went along, like Chris Brogan’s advice to claim your blog with Technorati.  Did it. Easy. Done.  Another tip I loved from Liz Strauss is to include a bit of “me” in each post.  Doesn’t that make sense? I certainly look for that when I visit other blogs as a way to come to know the blogger on a more personal level.  Anyone can share information, but we have to put our own personal touch, leave our mark, if you will. The second part of the task was to apply something you learned to your blog.  For me, this is an ongoing process.  There is so much I want to implement, but I have started with the few I mentioned already.  I did realize, though, in the amount that I have read already, that many of the changes to improve are actually quite small and simple.  Something like including a picture in each of your posts to draw in the eye of the reader or opening a post with a question to get the reader thinking.  As I read these, I sat shaking my head in agreement.  Yes! Those are things that stick out for me, so it would make perfect sense for them to stick out for you, too.
 I learned SO much doing this “spring cleaning” assignment.  There is so much information and help out there to improve your blog if it’s what you desire.  For me, I want to become a trusted resource for my readers.  I want to engage with them you, guide them you, laugh with them you, and grow with them you. You get my point, right?   As always, I want to thank Mariana for bringing Problogger’s challenge back to life and kicking off this Spring Cleaning challenge!


  1. Great job on your "homework"! Keep this up and you're going to have one awesome blog!

  2. Thank you, my dear! Thanks for being such a great "cheerleader!"

  3. Thrifty Mama B says

    Ive been blogging for a while now and yet Im still learning things along the way too. I think blogging is a continued learning process. When you think you've learned enough, there's always something else that comes along. You're off to a great start though.

  4. Mariana @ Riding With No Hands says

    Reading, reading, reading… I do the same! Just last night I probably went through 2000 posts in my feed reader. I star those that I want to go back to, and immediately click over to those that really draw me in.

    What stood out to me in this post of yours is "I want to become a trusted resource for my readers." I think you are well on your way! 🙂

  5. Thanks Thrifty Mama! 😉 I would say we are all a work in progress until we die….love to learn and grow!
    Mariana, thanks much! And, yes, I am finally starting to "collect" links and feeds that I want to go back to and read. I could spend days doing that. You gave me the biggest compliment about being a trusted resource. Thank you!!! It makes all the difference. 🙂

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