November – The Feelings, The Food, and Family

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November has always been a weird month for me. It’s mixed with both wonderful memories as well as some of the most painful of my life. It’s when the chill in the air starts to set in, it’s when Cody was born, it’s when I get to eat my favorite meal of the entire year (hello, Thanksgiving), and it’s the anniversary of when my Dad died. What makes much of that even tougher is that those are all also within a few days of each other. This year will have been 15 years since the death of my kids’ Grampy and while most of my memories of him make me smile there are also moments when it’s really tough not having him here anymore. It’s not even anything big, either, it’s when I’m talking to Nick about purchasing his first car and how there is nobody I’d trust more than his grandfather to inspect a potential vehicle and tell us if it’s worth buying. It’s searching for photos and realizing we didn’t take enough of/with him when he was alive. Take more photos, friends. I promise you will never regret having too many pictures.

A Thanksgiving Day 5k – Why Not?

Some of the things I’m looking forward to this month include watching my husband perform in our local theater’s production of Hello, Dolly! because acting is his equivalent to running for me and supporting each other is a priority. He waits for me at finish lines and I sit in a crowded theater proudly watching him do what he loves. That reminds me, I’m also considering a 5k race (or two) this month, which is something I’ve never done before. I mean, I can barely motivate myself to get out the door to simply run some days during winter, let alone pay to do it for a race that could potentially include running in the cold and snow. I’m still deciding if I’ll go for it on those, but either way I know I can count on my husband to bundle up and cheer me on.

One of the races I’m considering happens to be on Thanksgiving Day, so if I’m smart I’ll make that one a priority to burn some pre-gorging calories since I plan to eat all the food later in the day, especially the stuffing. Oh my gosh, I’m already dreaming about Thanksgiving Day stuffing.


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