What’s your blood pressure?

I always had perfect blood pressure. Even during my two pregnancies when I gained a rather healthy amount of baby weight, it was always perfect. I can still remember the nurse commenting about it after all these years. When I say perfect, I mean like 112/78 because that was my blood pressure back in April […]

I’m a Numbers Girl

Ever since we bought that romantic treadmill back on Valentine’s Day, I’ve been focused on making it a priority on nearly every day of the week. I’m a numbers person. I like having something to measure when it comes to following my progress and seeing results. For me, that means the number on the scale […]

Please disregard the school’s wellness policy

My sons’ school district has a wellness policy, a clearly written, well defined wellness policy.  For the most part it is followed.  For the most part.  There are no soda machines that the students can purchase from (you read that correctly, none accessible to the students, but there might be soda machines where the teachers can make […]

What Excuses do you Make?

When I was a cheerleader in high school I pulled and then tore the ACL in my right knee. Yes, I said as a cheerleader. Although my husband will tell you different, it is a sport, at least at my school it was. Our coach was a hard ass and she pushed us to be […]