Honoring a Deceased Pet

Several weeks, maybe even months, before we said goodbye to our sweet girl Jenna I started to think about how we would honor her when she was gone. She was a four-legged member of our family for more than 18 years, so I knew we needed to do something special. While it wasn’t the easiest […]

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

In the two weeks since saying goodbye to our beloved dog Jenna, Socks and I have gone on what I refer to as “healing” walks almost every single day. To say Socks has been a little neglected in recent months would probably be an understatement. Neglected might be a little harsh, but since caring for Jenna’s […]

A Difficult Couple of Months

It has been such a challenging and emotional couple of months that also included an amazing personal accomplishment, which unfortunately has been pushed to the side because celebrating just hasn’t felt right due to everything else we have been going through as a family. I completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World […]