Thoughtful gift giving

If you’re like me you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet.  If you’re like me in past years, you haven’t even begun to shop yet.  Either way, there’s always someone on the list who is such a challenge to find a gift for. You know who I’m talking about.  The person who buys everything they […]

Ficklets Eyewear Charm Huggers Giveaway!

Aside from the fact that we’ve decorated our home for Christmas and I am starting to hum or sing the occasional holiday song, nothing puts me more in the spirit than to give to others and see their face when they receive something truly special.  This made me think, why wait until the big day […]

16 Already… did that happen?

Dear Cody, I can still remember being pregnant with you all those years ago.  Although it wasn’t planned, I was still so happy and excited for your arrival.  Looking back, I wouldn’t have been so eager had I known the pain it would cause to push all nine pounds and four ounces of you out of […]