Non- Toxic pet care

It comes so naturally for me to buy non-toxic products for our home.  From cleaning the kitchen to brushing out teeth and washing our hair, I always make sure to read the labels to be sure there aren’t any phosphates or phthalates or parabens.  I know.  Big words, right?  This easily carries over to caring […]

10 ways to stay healthy this season that don’t include a flu shot

The rush has begun.  Not the holiday shopping rush.  Not the rush to buy me a birthday gift (there’s still plenty of time for that since my birthday isn’t until the end of November).  The rush to get a flu shot.  I’ve seen signs around my town and my son brought home a notice to […]

Meatless Monday – Homemade Pasta Sauce

If there’s one thing we all love, at least in my family, it’s a delicious pasta dish smothered in a yummy marinara sauce.  What heightens the level of enjoyment is when that sauce is made from scratch with love, sweat, and a sore wrist from slicing and dicing. The other thing that makes it so […]