Sometimes we all need a person

You’re my person. This is a line from Grey’s Anatomy between the characters Meredith and Christine that has always stuck with me. I mean, I realize it’s television and all, but their friendship is one that I’ve always admired and it’s the kind I wish I had, in real life. That line came back to […]

When my spam folder got sprinkled with pixie dust

Last Tuesday was like any other typical week day. Paul and I picked up Cody from school together, came home, waited for Cody to change into his lounging clothes, then we all sat together and watched The Price is Right on the DVR. We record it every day for Cody and he asks every single […]

A surpising parent/teacher conference

Cody and Nick both had last Thursday off from school because it was conference day. As they’ve gotten older, the whole process has changed. There’s more student involvement and less from the teachers. Especially for Nick, who has several teachers who provide his education over the course of each day, it’s more to keep track […]