Wordless Wednesday – Los Pollos Hermanos Delivery Car?

California, Yoga on the Beach, & a Huge Surprise from Kohl’s

Last week at this time I was preparing to leave for what would be one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life, but before I talk about that I’d like to back up a few weeks to the phone call that freaked my freak and brought tears to my eyes. I was minding […]

I’m on a mission

All kids ask for stuff. Whether it’s the newest video game or money to go to a movie or a school dance, the want is there. When it comes to this time of year, most kids can also make a Christmas wish list a mile long. Ask them what they want and they will gladly […]

My big dream at the age of 18

I’ve mentioned before that one of the main reasons I was eager to switch to a new blog name and domain was because I want to freely write about anything and everything without always feeling like I had to add a green twist to my posts. Even though I feel very happy with my decision […]