About Cathy/PR Friendly

Back in 2008 I took my love and passion for living a green lifestyle and started blogging. While I enjoyed (and still do) sharing tips and ideas for living a more eco-friendly way of life, I realized that there was more I wanted to write about. In early 2011 I decided to make a gradual shift to a more traditional Mom blog and in the process have found that I have a great deal of love for social media as well as blogging and their potential to reach others via the internet.

I blog about parenting, health and wellness, and occasionally write product reviews and host giveaways. I’d like to write more about travel and food since they are both topics and experiences that I enjoy most in life. I live on the coast of Maine with my husband (a hospitality rock star) and my two teenage sons, one with autism. The health of all kids is of the utmost importance to me and I don’t hesitate to advocate for healthier school lunches and more physical activity where young people are concerned.

I thoroughly enjoy working with brands and I’ve been fortunate to travel and attend some wonderful events through those relationships. My goal is to do more good with my blog on such programs as ending hunger in our country, autism awareness, and encouraging healthier habits to end obesity. I’d like to use my voice in a positive and powerful way at my little space here on the internet.

Please contact me if you think we could do amazing things together: cathyherard [at] gmail [dot] com