Wordless Wednesday-Belted Galloways

Belted Galloways (Famous “oreo-cookie” cows) Rockport Maine


  1. Awww how cute! BTW I love ur blog

  2. RobynsOnlineWorld says:

    Ohh – those are so cute!

  3. Brimful Curiosities says:

    Very unique cows. Haven't seen any like that around here.

  4. frugalgirl says:

    Thanks ladies! These are actually one of the only, if not THE only herd of Belted Galloways in the country. They are such a special treat to the eyes…and the kids get such a kick out of them. And, only 30 minutes from our home!

  5. Just me says:

    Awww how cute! BTW I love ur blog

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