Have you ever just looked around your house at all the “stuff” that you have?? It is amazing how much we all accumulate over time and then can’t even really remember why we even bought something in the first place! Several months ago I started a mission to simplify and reduce all the unnecessary items […]

Non-Toxic Laundry with Soap Nuts!

If you haven’t already heard of or tried soap nuts, you are going to want to find out where you can get them and wonder why you haven’t been using them your entire laundry washing life! They are amazing and grow on trees. Basically, soap nuts are the dried shells of the soapberry. The shells […]

A Green Birthday

October 15, 2008 Okay, so a couple of weeks ago my son turned 10!(Hooray for him since the double digits are a HUGE deal when you are 9). My number one goal aside from an awesome and memorable party for him was to make it as earth friendly as possible, but at the same time […]