A Nap Would Be Really Good Right About Now

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Is it bedtime yet? Also, what day of the week is it because I swear it feels like it should be Thursday by now. I really don’t wanna sound whiny, but why does daylight saving time have to kick me in the butt so hard? I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I started my day with a large cup of coffee, I ate a good breakfast, took my vitamins, and went for a 4-mile run. THEN I drank a yummy smoothie, took a couple more vitamins, showered, and voted. Did you vote? I hope so.

I Need More Naps in my Life

Here’s where I’m thinking I went wrong today. I didn’t take a nap. I certainly could have taken a nap, but I’m always so torn when lay down for a short snooze. While I’m a huge advocate for naps and the health benefits they offer (no, really), I sometimes feel super lazy when I take one. The guilt certainly doesn’t last too long and I don’t feel that way every time I take a nap, but it sometimes prevents me from dragging myself upstairs to climb into my comfy bed and give my pillow a nice tight hug. The other problem with a nap in the middle of the day is that it’s super hard to turn my brain off, which is funny because I don’t have that problem when I go to bed at night. One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s that I almost always feel better and energized after a nap. It doesn’t have to be a long nap, either. I’m talking an hour of solid rest that mostly includes sleeping and I’m usually pretty good to go for the rest of the day.

Do you take naps on a regular basis? Do you ever feel guilty about it when you do? If so, please stop feeling that way and enjoy every single minute you get of bonding time with your pillow because naps aren’t just for babies and toddlers anymore.


  1. I totally agree with the idea of naps! Apparently we’re meant to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to stay healthy and happy. I try to get 9 in if I can (as my weakened immune system means I need more kip than others!) When that’s not possible, I try and squeeze in even a 15 minute nap during the day, or I do some meditation instead. Both work wonders and clearing my head and helping me face the rest of the day with a smile! 🙂

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