A Little Time With My Gratitude Journal Was Exactly What I Needed Today

Yesterday was a bit of hard day for me and when it was almost over I got some upsetting news that brought back some bad memories. Unfortunately, it carried over into this morning and waking up to snow on the ground, the rain pouring down, and cold in the air didn’t help make me feel any better. This might be the year I need to purchase one of those “happy” lights I’ve heard so much about because the winter months are definitely the roughest on my mental health. To avoid sounding completely negative I decided my mood is exactly why I needed this to be a gratitude post. I’m hoping that shifting my focus, even for a few minutes, will wash away some of the negative feelings and remind me of some of the good stuff in life, like the fact there’s sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow (even though the temperature isn’t supposed to get above 25 degrees). Maine. The way life should be.

Gratitude Journal

5 Things I’m Grateful For Today

  1. A wonderful new program for Cody where he’s learning, working, growing, and most importantly, making friends. He recently got invited to a birthday party for one of them and I nearly burst into tears when I read the card with him.
  2. Conversations with Nick. I just plain love that kid and I know he won’t live with us forever, so I savor every chance I get to talk with him about the simplest things to the things he’s passionate about. Especially the things he’s passionate about because that’s when his face lights up and I beam a little brighter with pride.
  3. Basement workouts. I know I often post on social media about those being my least favorite because they don’t usually include running, but especially on a day like today I’m glad I have all the equipment I need to get in a good sweat session.
  4. Talking to my Nana on the phone. My grandmother is 89 years old and I’m at the point of my life where I’m starting to realize she won’t actually be here forever (even though that’s what I always thought as a child), so I truly cherish our chats and her cute nana-isms.
  5. Flannel sheets. I have been wanting flannel sheets forever and the set I ordered arrived today, which is perfect timing because it’s going to be WICKED cold tonight.

I’m so glad I took the time to do that because I really do feel better now. Do you keep a gratitude journal? What are you thankful for today?




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